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Top Tips for Boosting Your LENZO Profile

Add as many Ads as you can

This may be easy for a partyware supplier with thousands of products, however services and specialty products can sometimes struggle. There are some easy solutions for this to make sure your presence on LENZO is heard. We recommend splitting your services up and ensuring you have an ad for each category your service in. For example, if you offer different tiered packages or charge by the hour, make different listings for each offering. If you do both Kids Parties and Weddings, make an ad for both, with images that reflect each service. This helps customers to grasp the relevancy of your product to what they’re looking for, and moreover makes sure you’re represented in each LENZO category that you service.

Perfect Your Pictures

We don’t need to tell any of you how important looking good is to business. Customers thrive on visuals, and often (almost always) use this to choose from a range of products and services. Add as many photos of your product or service as you need to effectively tell the story behind it. If you’re selling a product, try and get some professional shots behind a white background to give customers a detailed view. If you’ve participated in a LENZO shoot, make sure you get as many different images of the product up there as possible. Try adding photos in different settings, with different people and in different colourways.

Make your description fun, concise and useful.

Not only does this help google find your product, but it’s the number one way to have a chat to your customer about your product in your own voice. Ultimately the customer wants to know, what it is, how big it is, is availability and its function. If you’re selling a service, make sure you include information on the booking process, working hours and areas serviced. Include some adjectives to make your product sound as sexy as it is, but don’t go OTT at the expense of clarity. If you want to go into detail, we have a function for you to add a downloadable pdf for customers- ensuring your product doesn’t get bogged down in lengthy specifics.

Always add an indication of price

Adding a minimum price helps give customers a sense of your price range, an also helps us integrate your products onto google and Facebook. When shopping online, customers are looking for quick and easy sources of information and purchasing. If they’re overwhelmed by the selection or don’t know what they’re looking for, they’ll go straight to the ads with a figure attached. Adding a minimum price boundary helps them to gauge whether something is in their budget rang or not, and also suggests a degree of transparency in the pricing. We also can’t add your products to our Facebook or Google shops without a minimum price boundary!

If you need a hand or are unsure how to edit your products reach out to Bella for some advice

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