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August 22, 2019

3 reasons why you should host your event at a restaurant …

Event trends are come and go, but as far as they come, we think this one has the staying power of a balloon garland!

In recent months LENZO has witnessed a restaurant resurgence, with everywhere from fancy dining rooms to diners being chosen to host all kinds of extraordinary events. From engagements and baby showers to first birthdays and hens parties, restaurants are fast becoming the coolest place to put on a party. Why?

Get ready to make a reservation … Here are three irresistible reasons to host your next event at a restaurant!

Neptune Food & Wine

1. Scenery sorted

Party planning is our absolute jam at LENZO, but we get it – not everyone lives and breathes flower bouquets like we do! If the thought of decking out a destination with décor scares you, hosting your event at a restaurant removes all the decoration guess work.

Complete with their own style and set up, restaurant interiors are ambient in their own right, requiring few additions (such as florals) to become the perfect backdrop for your party. From sleek and sassy booths to classical sit-down spaces, marry the atmosphere of a restaurant with the mood you’d like to emulate.

Neptune Food & Wine

Neptune Food & Wine

2. Catering? Tick!

Whatever the occasion, food and drinks are central to the celebration, so by hosting your event at a restaurant, half the party’s success is sorted!

For the most fuss-free event host experience, restaurants provide party planners with a complete catering ‘care package’, from canapes on arrival through to decadent desserts and drinks.

With both inner city and suburban sprawls offering incredible kinds of cuisines these days, simply pick a restaurant whose menu makes your mouth water and voila – dietary requirements are done and dusted!

Neptune Food & Wine

3. At your service

Any night of the week, anywhere in the world, there’s a restaurant available to host your event (hold us to it!). Unlike some event spaces that only open their doors on weekends, restaurants are often far more flexible, allowing for [after-hours events]( as well as daytime do’s.

Adding to their optimum availability, restaurants provide premium service thanks to their in-house ‘events crew’! With wait staff versed in their establishment’s menu and amenities, when you hire a restaurant, you inadvertently hire a team of professionals at your service.

Neptune Food & Wine

Neptune Food & Wine

Ready to embrace the restaurant revival? We love a good event trend, especially positively perfect ones that make party planning stress-free.

Whether you're planning a corporate launch, a baby shower or a super special milestone birthday, find the right restaurant for your event on The LENZO Marketplace.

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Located on High Street in Windsor, Neptune Food and Wine is an all-encompassing food, wine and cocktail venue, perfect for hosting your next event. Click below learn more about the restaurant’s dining options and to start planning an effortless event!