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March 06, 2016

As you know, The LENZO team love to plan parties - but between working, keeping up with our little ones and pretending we have a social life, it can all get a bit overwhelming...That's why we love businesses that help take the stress out of styling and decorating, and ensure your event is the prettiest of them all!

Lel and Khai, the #PowerCouple behind The Kit Source, help achieve unison and the #WowFactor, with their pre-prepared party packages. We were lucky enough to have to chance to catch up and chat with the lovely Lel to pick her creative mind about what makes #ThePerfectParty and how they came up with this #Innovativeidea!

Tell us about the concept behind Kit Source and why you launched the business?

I came up with the idea one random afternoon while my husband, Khai, and I were studying just outside of San Francisco, in early 2014. I was in the middle of an event design assignment, searching for partyware, and the idea just dawned on me. I was in awe of the range of partyware available in the USA and also intrigued by how the popularity of subscription boxes. I did my research; no one back home was personally curating partyware into styled Party Kits, so I saw my chance. Khai and I have always had that entrepreneurial urge, so we planned the whole business out in one afternoon and we launched a few months later when we returned home to Sydney.

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When choosing partyware and putting pieces together, what is your main source of inspiration? Do any rules apply?

There are no rules. I'll get inspiration from anything, whether it be a memory, a place, a meal or even that funky hotel carpet I saw back in 2010. I usually use one pattern, colour or motif and see where my brain takes me. I actually turn off from social and industry media- I don't want to be influenced by others. I also steer clear of Pinterest when I want to be inspired, as it's too overwhelming!

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What is currently trending in the world of partyware?

Trends always flow through from fashion, to interiors, then to partyware. So obviously marble and copper are HUGE at the moment. I try to look forward, rather than being influenced by what others do, but I have to admit I do love copper and marble and will hopefully release a Kit 'inspired' by these looks soon. The other thing would be simplicity. I'm loving that certain event designers are moving away from the over the top, 'not sure where to look' designs and paring it back. That's way more my style!

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What are your most popular kits?

With a comic book/pop art style, our Superhero Party Kit and matching Decorator Kit are our most popular. I'm so glad that the trend is moving away from having a huge Batman or Superman motif on every plate, cup and napkin in sight. Our Kit is much classier!

Also, the Candy Coloured Party Kit is popular for girls. It has a colourful, geometric edge, how could you not love it?!

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LENZO loves a tip, what's yours when it comes to planning a party?

Plan EVERYTHING, down to what you'll wear on party day. I've been to too many parties where the host can't enjoy themselves. I'm an event coordinator by trade, so I'm used to planning out every single detail - home-based party-throwers should do the same. It may seem daunting, but we have a free e-guide on our site to help people plan.  Last thing you want is to have a horrible, stressful day and never want to have a party again. We live by the motto 'Plan for the worst, hope for the best'.

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What can we expect to see in the near future from The Kit Source?

Glad you asked! Next week we're launching a Custom Kit Builder, where you can use our in-store app to design your own Party Kit. We're unbelievably excited about this, as no one else has done this before! We'll guide you through choosing your plates, cups, cutlery, etc., so you've got just the right amount for your party AND you won't forget anything - I don't think any other party store does that! We'll also have the same set up for decorations soon, too. Thinking far, far ahead though, I would LOVE to design my own range of partyware, exclusive to The Kit Source. Sometimes I come up with Kit ideas and can't find what I need for it, it would be amazing to be able to design things to match the themes we dream up.

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For more info on The Kit Source, check out their Loved by LENZO profile here andtheir website here.

Love LENZO x