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May 08, 2016

Today on The Edit, we celebrate Mother’s Day by chatting to the three inspiring + beautiful #MelbourneMummies, who were the recent stars of ourMother's Day Lunch Editorial.

We decided to ask them a few questions about motherhood + what it means to them, and each one had very unique responses! Sometimes it’s hard to believe we can have it all, but reading these ladies’ answers makes us believe that we can!

Love LENZO x

Sarah Jane from She is Sarah Jane

How do you plan to spend your Mother's Day?

I am so excited for Mother’s Day this year, as it’s the day after Mia Grace’s first birthday – so it will be even more of a reason to celebrate our beautiful girl and our little family. We are planning an afternoon high tea celebration with the extended family and lots of cuddles in our PJs on Sunday morning!

What's on top of your Mother's Day wish-list?

At risk of sounding like a cliché, all I really need and want is a beautiful card that I can cherish forever. If the hubby is reading this though, jewellery and flowers never hurt anyone either!

What have you learnt from your own Mum?

Strength and the power of family. She single-handedly raised my sister and I, and we will forever share an incredibly deep bond and connection. I can never thank her enough for that and also exposing us to so many opportunities and adventures growing-up. Thanks mum!

 The best part about motherhood is......

Experiencing a love that I didn’t know was humanly possible. From the early days learning I was pregnant, the primal instincts of protection, selflessness and wanting nothing more than for her to be happy and healthy is so fulfilling and satisfying.




Carla Rodan from Styling the Tribe

How do you plan to spend your Mother's Day?

My Mother's Day usually starts quite early with squeals, gift giving (of the home made variety) and breakfast in bed prepared by the boys.

We will then all 'dress pink' and head into the Alexander Gardens to take part in the Mothers Day Classic. Walking as a family in the Mothers Day Classic is a tradition we started last year and hope to continue as the boys grow up and eventually leave the nest!

I love supporting Breast Cancer Research whilst being active and educating the kids about the cause. It's also a great opportunity to switch off from technology and just enjoy one anothers company. Walking 4km with a 7, 5 and 3 year old lends itself to some pretty entertaining conversations! Post walk we'll likely refuel at a cafe and then go on to visit my mother and mother in law.

What's on top of your Mother's Day wish-list?

Oh thats easy, a commercial grade coffee machine and life supply of high quality roasted beans - can you tell I have a newborn? Hubby to complete his Barista course is a close second.

What have you learnt from your own Mum?

I wish I could say her homestyle Italian cooking skills, but thats not the case! As a single mother raising myself and two siblings, mum was extremely organised, had an incredible (at times exhausting) work ethic and wouldn't shy away from a challenge. She's a strong, independent and extremely resilient woman, which I admire and hope to replicate.

The best part about motherhood is......

Not knowing what tomorrow holds but embracing whatever comes our way as a family unit. To me, nothing feels more right or comes more naturally than loving my boys. It truly is the most rewarding 'job' in the world and has taught me so much about myself, the human race and life. The cuddles and fart jokes are pretty good too.




Emily Murray from Zee Plus Three

How do you plan to spend your Mother's Day?

For Mothers Day this year, we'll spend the morning at home, and most likely be enjoying one of Rob (my husbands) gourmet breakfasts. The man can cook! Hopefully my favourite which includes poached eggs, avocado and goats cheese on sour dough! Then we'll be spending the afternoon with Rob's mum and dad and hopefully enjoy a cheeky glass of bubbly or two!

What's on top of your Mother's Day wish-list?

On top of my wish-list this year is an unlimited credit card to go and buy myself a new winter wardrobe. You said "wish" right? Seriously though, I don't really want anything this year. I feel like I have everything I could possibly want right now (except maybe a holiday house in France!)

What have you learnt from your own Mum?

The values I have learnt from my mum, include honesty and my views on social justice. My mum has worked in the community sector her whole life, and I admire what she has been able to achieve. She has been at the top of her field and given her whole life to help others. There should be more people in the world like my mum.

The best part about motherhood is......

The best part about motherhood? All of it. I just love everything about being a mum. I love the challenges as much as the good times because everyday you grow as a person when you become a parent, always trying to improve yourself to be the best role model you can be for your kids.





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