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January 25, 2017

No party is complete without dessert. Great dessert is not only great to taste but it’s pretty on the eye and can compliment your theme.

One tier, two tiered, three tiered or 10 tiered cake! Cakes of all sizes and flavours are a popular choice for many different occasions, are more often than not a main feature of the dessert table! Cupcakes have been really popular at weddings for a while now, as well as most other occasions, and everyone is still loving them. It allows you to cater for a few different flavours, giving people more choice. But for any type of event cupcakes are a great option.

There are many dessert trends, from ice cream, fairy floss, ice cream sandwiches, eclairs, cupcakes, and macarons. Every sweet tooth is sure to find the right dessert for any event with LENZO.

Baking and desserts with LENZO

With desserts you can add the wow factor to your event! You can have fun with your desserts and be playful with them. Desserts allow for creativity, you can have them designed to fit the theme of the occasion or present them in unique ways to make a statement.

LENZO has a curated list of the best baking suppliers and supplies in the country so you don’t have to worry about hunting them down yourself.

We will inspire you with insta worthy food images and will not only link you with the best supplier to achieve that look, but we have a list of stock that enables you to make the perfect cake or dessert at home with our baking goods. Things like cake toppers, cake stands, candles, sprinkles, frosting.

LENZO has a dessert for any occasion - wedding, kids party, hens day, baby shower more, as wells as a range of DIY content to get your bake on.

Baking and desserts for any occasion

Any time is a good time for desserts ,but when it comes to special occasion desserts become an absolute must! Depending on what the occasion is you might need different types of desserts, but that’s half the fun.

Here’s some of the desserts you might have for different occasions:

• Weddings - Wedding Cake / Wedding Favours such as personalised lollipops, cookies, cupcakes, chocolates and more / Dessert Table or Dessert Cart

• Kids Parties - Birthday Cake / Cupcakes / The classics such as honeycrackles, fairy bread, chocolate crackles, butterfly cakes / Candy and Lollies / •

• Chocolate / Fairy Floss Carts / Popcorn / Ice cream

• Hens Days - Brunch / Eclairs / Hens Day Cake

• Baby Shower - Gender Reveal Cake

• Engagement Party - Engagement Cake / Cupcake Cake

The all-important cake

When you think about cake, everyone has a favourite that they love, but for events sometimes you need to ramp up the specialness. For an event the cake needs to be that little bit more fancy in its presentation, and it might take more thought into choosing the right one, especially when it’s for a large group of people.

Think about the style of cake or dessert and then focus on the flavours - the choice is endless. • Chocolate will always be a favourite, and if it’s for a wedding you can always class it up a bit with the icing.

• Lemon is a popular choice for those who want something a bit lighter and don’t want anything too sweet.

• Vanilla is a great option for those who want something a bit more simple. You can always jazz a vanilla cake up with icing or fruit on top.

• Red Velvet is impressive to look at and tastes delicious, a popular flavour with many people.

There are so many dessert flavours to choose from, and you can also tie in the flavour with the rest of the theme, from the colour of the icing and the decorations on the cake itself. The icing and decoration of the cake can be matched to the theme of the event, whether it’s for a wedding, birthday party or a baby shower.

LENZO recommended cake makers

The cake is the hero of desserts so why not have a really special one made:

• Cake Ink - Melbourne’s premier cake specialist. They also create the most beautiful bespoke stationery

• The Cake That Ate Paris - Serving the Gold Coast and Byron Areas - the cakes are beyond amazing. Attention to detail. Sugar flowers. Artwork

• Nectar and Stone - Insta-worthy based in Melbourne.

• Unbirthday Bakery - Sydney - pretty buttercream cakes with edible flowers

• Katherine Sabbath - Original drip cake. Pushes the boundaries - Sydney

• Bake and Co - Melbourne - Too cute embossed cookies and drip cakes

• Lamanna Patisserie - EVERYTHING desserts. They create a collection of desserts including unicorn cake

• Adelaide - Heidelberg are a classic longstanding cake and dessert business in Adelaide. If you are looking for a fabulous tasting birthday Cake.

• How Sweet It Is has been Adelaide’s leading wedding cake maker for years!

• Adelaide - Petal and Pop - the cutest personalised lollipops perfect for a wedding favor

• Sunshine Coast - Tome. Amazing naked cakes filled with beautiful flowers

• Perth - Sukar - Baker of tiered cakes and desserts and chocolate bark

• Love Little Chocolates - gorgeous delicate chocolates

Desserts of all kinds

Have fun with your sweets at events and make a statement with dessert. There is more than just cakes when it comes to desserts!!! And the trends change as quickly as you finish cake!

Some ideas of fun dessert ideas include, edible wedding or party favors, personalised pops and cookies, cake jars. And of course there’s always the homemade route for desserts - something close to the heart like your favourite recipe or a family specialty!

LENZO recommended

There are endless dessert ideas that are as delicious as they are pretty, and here are just some of our faves:

• Mini Chocolates - Love Little Chocolates

• Cake Jars - Frosted by Nicci

• Watercolour personalised cookies - Cake Ink

• Hand painted cookies - Sweetbakes

• Embossed cookies - Bake and Co

• Macarons - Nectar and Stone

• Candy - The Red Balloon

• Cake Pops - Raymond Tan

Dress Up Your Desserts

Remember to dress up your desserts with streamers, cake candles and cake toppers. Some of our favourite online party boutiques that stock some super cute products to decorate your desserts are:

• Little Booteek

• Ruby Rabbit Partyware

• Hip and Hooray

• Invite Me Shop


A pinata provides the best fun for a birthday or celebration, stock it full of lollies and it’ll be a hit. Literally! Add some confetti to provide an element of further surprise and wow.

Dessert Table

What could be better than a table full of decadent desserts? A dessert buffet will create a wow factor for any occasion. A great idea for a first birthday party or a candy themed party, you can fill blank space with lolly jars.

There are style companies that specialise in this area:

• Styled by Coco in Melbourne

• Elegant Tea Time in Sydney

• Oppulenticity Party Styling in Perth

• Perfectly Sweet Lollie Buffet in Brisbane

Amusement Desserts

Add an element of theatrics to your party. Amusement desserts are great for a kids party or a carnival themed party.

• Fairy Floss

• Popcorn

• Chocolate Fountain

• Softserve machine hire

Party games with food

To really have some fun with you food, why not turn them into an activity? There are some fun party ideas when it comes to games involving food and sweets.

• Taste Test -blindfold and guess what you’re eating

• Treasure Hunt -hide all sorts of yummy sweets

• Create your own cupcake -fill a table with an assortment of sweets and different icing colours and get guests to decorate their own ice cream or cupcake

• Donut Game -place a donut on a string, tie hands behind backs and see who can eat the donut first

Champagne Tower

One for the adults, a champagne tower creates atmosphere and fun for your guests. We did a DIY champagne tower here (link to our DIY champagne tower feature).

Sweet drinks

Food isn’t the only thing you can get creative with. Add some personality into your drinks too! It could be simple as to add an edible flower or top it with some fairy floss with a drink stirrer.

Drink accessories

Drink stirrers and coloured straws are a great and easy way to inject some fun into your drinks. You can also use them to further continue your party or wedding theme.

Drink Tags

Drink tags are always cute to personalise your drink. If you are hosting a 30th birthday why not create a tag “the dirty thirty” for a bit of fun! Or if you are hosting a hens day a “Marry Me Mojito” is super cute. You can either DIY or contact a stationery supplier here (could we link to stationery). We also had the marry me mojito in a HENS DAY shoot - should we link?


Choose a glass that is on trend and will match your theme. If you are hosting a vintage party, there is nothing more appropriate than a champagne saucer, if it’s a kids birthday party then you might choose some fun coloured glassware (or go the paper cups route to avoid any breakages). Your choice in glassware will vary depending on the type of event it's for. If you’re planning a party for a big group of people it’s good to hire glassware so you can have enough for everyone and don’t have to worry about mismatched glassware.

Get Baking

Another option with desserts is always to do it yourself. If you’re a baking whiz, or maybe a friend or family member wants to help out, then you can really add a personal touch by making the dessert yourself. If you going to tackle the cake then there are going to be a few thing’s you’ll need if you don’t have already, from cake toppers, cake molds, cookie cutters, cake candles and baking cups.

Lenzo can help with that too, we now have a selection of fun baking accessories and suppliers to create something amazing. We also have DIY content where we have featured some fabulous cocktails and have fun with food such as a DIY champagne Bucket, Donut Table Top and recipes.

For all baking and desserts click here.