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October 18, 2018

A guide on making your event even sweeter with desserts

“There is no better way to bring people together than with desserts,” and here at LENZO, we’d have to agree! No party is ever really complete without a bit of eye candy (literally) to accompany your special occasion. Desserts amp up that ‘wow factor’, and you can design them to fit the theme of your event or present them in unique ways to make a statement.

And, just like choosing the rest of your decorations, you have just as many options selecting desserts! From soft serve to ice cream, fairy floss, eclairs, cupcakes, glazed doughnuts, cake pops, macarons, and of course cake, there’s so many ways for you and your guests to indulge.


Every sweet tooth is sure to find the right dessert for that special occasion on LENZO. We’ve curated a list of the best baking suppliers and products in Australia so you don’t have to worry about hunting them down yourself. We’ve even listed baked goods that can enhance the dessert, such as cake toppers, cake stands, cupcake kits, and candles.

Prepare for some serious Instagrammable cakes and sweets as we present to you the ultimate guide for baking and desserts for weddings and events.

A dessert for every occasion with LENZO

Whatever the occasion, you can be sure there’s a dessert that’s right for it. Whether it’s a wedding, kid’s party, hens day or baby shower, you can always add a personal touch and get your bake on with our DIY recipes. If you’re going to tackle the dessert yourself, there’s going to be a few things you’ll need, such as cake moulds, cookie cutters, and baking cups.

Or, you can let the professionals handle this one by hiring a trusted cake maker from our online Marketplace. Our favourites are listed here:

  • Couture Bakes: Where to go for boutique desserts, including cakes, dessert jars, and sweet treats
  • Cupcake Occasion: For the love of everything sweet, get your custom-made cupcakes and cookies delivered to anywhere in Australia
  • The Bride and Stork Cake Designs: Delivering timeless and elegant custom cakes, cupcakes and cookies for weddings and celebrations
  • The Sweet Event Cupcakes: A self-taught baker who provides amazing and delicious cupcakes and assorted sweets for Melbourne events
  • For An Angel: Beautiful and unique custom cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and cake pops with exceptional attention to detail to achieve a great finished piece of art
  • Emelia Jackson Cake Designs: Self-taught cake designer and 2014 MasterChef Australia finalist, Emelia can do no wrong when it comes to custom desserts
  • Torte by Mirjana: Lovingly handcrafted cakes and delicacies using only the finest available ingredients. Each cake is made to order by consultation
  • The Cake That Ate Paris: One of the most popular cake designers servicing Brisbane to Byron Bay, each cake is beyond amazing
  • Posh Little Cakes: Located in Perth, WA, Posh Little Cakes specialises in exquisitely beautiful cakes and small desserts
  • LaManna Patisserie: Whatever you want, they can create it to perfection. Their best-seller is the gorgeous unicorn cake

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Party desserts for a crowd

Wondering what to serve at your event? Here’s the most popular party desserts for a crowd (and some new ideas!):

  • Cake: Red Velvet. Chocolate. Salted Caramel. Strawberry Shortcake. We all have a favourite cake flavour, and it's the original party dessert. Cakes can be baked into just about any shape - perfect for themed events or when you need to serve a large number of guests.
  • Cupcakes: Originally served only at kid’s parties, cupcakes became the preferred choice of desserts to serve at weddings or engagement parties because it allowed the host to cater for a few different flavours, giving people more choice. They’re also super convenient to carry!
  • Gelato: Gelato is the new cake… or so we’ve heard. Hiring a gelato cart for your event is a fairly new trend and has surged in popularity! It’s the perfect treat for for a pool party, kid’s birthday or even at a summer wedding!
  • Pinata: A pinata provides the best fun for a kid’s birthday or fun celebration. Stock it full of wrapped lollies and it’ll be a hit - literally! Add some confetti to provide an element of further surprise.
  • Fairy floss: Add an element of theatrics to your party. Amusement desserts such as fairy floss, popcorn, or even a chocolate fountain go down a treat, and are great for a kid’s party or a carnival-themed event.
  • Desserts table: Can’t decide on which type of dessert to have at your event? Why not have a mix of some, or all? Set up a desserts table and feature all your favourite sweets for a truly Instagrammable spread!




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Party games with food

To really have some fun with your dessert, why not turn them into an activity? Here are some fun party game ideas that you could play:

  • Taste Test: Blindfold and guess what you’re eating. This is a great idea for baby showers, where you can fill unused diapers with melted chocolate, caramel, and other yummy flavours.
  • Treasure Hunt: Hide all sorts of yummy sweets. Perfect for a kid’s party or Easter
  • Create your own cupcake: Fill a table with an assortment of sweets and different icing colours, and get guests to decorate their own ice cream or cupcake. This could be a cute hen’s day activity.
  • Doughnut game: Place a donut on a string, tie hands behind backs, and see who can eat the doughnut first. This is a fun game for all ages and occasions!

Dessert bonbonnieres and party favours

Remember when you were younger and received a party bag filled with lollies after leaving each party? Well, we think this little gesture shouldn’t be just for the kids – if you’re looking for a unique engagement or wedding favour, you can’t go wrong with dessert bonbonnieres! Not only are they tasty, but you know this is one party favour that won’t be left behind.

We suggest personalised custom heart vanilla bean cookies, white choc marshmallows, or even cake pops. Too cute!

“LENZO ENQUIRE ABOUT: Vanilla bean cookies “LENZO



Something a little bit different: dessert cocktails

Now, this is something for the adults: why not combine a love of sweets with a beverage to create a dessert cocktail? This is especially fun and relevant for engagements, Valentine’s Day, hen’s days, or even corporate launches.

LENZO has some really fun and easy DIY cocktail recipes that you can make for your next event. From fruit jelly shots to champagne pops and a raspberry kisses cocktail, there’s a drink to go with any colour theme.

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Now, all this dessert talk has given us sugar cravings! BRB as we satisfy our sweet tooth while you shop online on LENZO for cakes and desserts for your next event…

Love, LENZO x