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February 02, 2015

It’s hard to believe a year has passed since we were introduced to the gorgeous Billie Judd.  Dressed in Dior for her 1st birthday party, this little girl is on the path to being a style go-to like her mum, Rebecca.

A hydrangea haven was created at the Judd family’s home, with a party held in the Good Front Room - the ‘GFR’ as Bec calls it (‘good’ being a relative term, as it is nothing short of fabulous!).

As you walk in your eyes are drawn magnetically to the Miranda Skoczek artwork.  This bright and vibrant zebra anchors the room and was the inspiration for the party’s colour palette. ENTER... ‘Poppies for Grace’.

Bec tells us, “These girls know how to decorate a party with the most gorgeous hand made paper, balloon, confetti and garland pieces in jewel tones. I enlisted their help and they did a site visit, fell in love with the zebra painting as much as me, and designed some installations to make the GFR room (and zebra) come to life.”  We couldn’t agree more!

Kathleen from ‘Treats with Evie’ created harmonious ‘too pretty to eat’ cakes and sweets including cake pops, gold cookies and cupcakes, which were just as delicious as they looked - total sweet perfection. The brief from Bec was “feminine shapes, watercolour hues and sculpted icing art works.”

Bec credits ‘Kate Hill Flowers’ as her go-to florist. “Kate is super-talented (and the loveliest lady ever). I went to her with one flower on my lips - hydrangea.” Kate, being a massive ‘hydy’ fan herself, tied everything together with big, beautiful bunches of colour-blocked hydrangea, their white vases complementing the dessert platters. Tiny hydrangea icing blooms were also worked into Billie’s cake by ‘Treats with Evie’.

In addition to the delectable desserts, the menu consisted of Bec’s favourite chicken and avo sandwiches, pulled lamb sausage rolls (“the best sausage rolls you’ll ever taste in your life – I promise you that!”) and salads – all from ‘The Pantry’ in Brighton (one of our favourites too!).

A picture speaks a thousand words and it’s clear Billie relished the day. “She’s a cruisy kid and loves being surrounded by people, so was in her element,” says Bec.

For Bec, the highlight of the day was simply celebrating Billie’s first year of life and the fact she is a big girl and not a baby anymore.  “I prefer them from the age of one on. Babies are hard work! Having said that, I’ll probably be yearning for another one soon enough.”  Thanks for the scoop!!!

LENZO loves a tip, so what is Bec’s?

“Make sure you get a family photo with both parents and all of the kids. I have so many pics of just myself and the kids or just Chris and the kids and none with all four of us together. Make the effort to find someone to take a photo of everyone. These are the days you want to remember as a family.”

Cheers to that!

Love LENZO x

















PHOTOGRAPHY Jasmine Blom / STYLING, PARTYWARE + PROPS Poppies for Grace / DESSERTS + CAKES Treats for Evie / CATERINGThe Pantry / FLOWERSKate Hill / DRESS (Billie)Christian Dior / SHOES (Billie) Mini Melissa / ENTERTAINMENT Hire-a-Toy