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September 02, 2017

Enter a bohemian bliss with this kids slumber party styled by your one and only LENZO!

Put together with the help of Kas Richards for her youngest child Charlie's 9th birthday, the event took on a bohemian theme - simply stemming from Charlie's current obsession with dream catchers. From there, we put together a muted and dream-like slumber party!

Of course we couldn't do it alone and we enlisted the help of our go-to baker, Lamanna Patisserie, the talented florist at Bespoke Botanics and of course the partyware queen Alex from Ruby Rabbit Partyware.

LENZO Styling Boho Birthday Kas Richards

Kids Party LENZO Boho Birthday

With this event, LENZO wanted to showcase how easy it is to make such a beautiful event in your own home. Not everyone has massive budgets or a huge amount of time when it comes to event planning, and this is totally fine, but you just need to remember to #MakeItAmazing, all you need is a little time and a whole lotta love!

LENZO Boho Birthday Ruby Rabbit Paper Fans

LENZO Boho Birthday Ruby Rabbit Table Setting

LENZO Boho Birthday Ruby Rabbit Tableware

LENZO Boho Birthday Ruby Rabbit Dessert

LENZO Boho Birthday Lamanna Patisserie Cake

LENZO Boho Birthday Lamanna Patisserie Cookies

LENZO Boho Birthday Lamanna Patisserie Cookies Kas Richards

As you can see, Kas really wanted to go to that extra effort for Charlie's Birthday this year - as she wanted to make her youngster feel super special and bring out that beaming smile of hers!! We mean, who can blame her when just in the images, you can see how ecstatic Charlie is!

LENZO Boho Birthday Balloons Ruby Rabbit Partyware

LENZO Boho Birthday Kids Party Kas Richards

LENZO Boho Birthday Lamanna Patisserie Cookies

LENZO loves a tip - What is Kas Richards'?

"Don't plan to many activities for the kids, they love being able to do their own thing and just muck around together! Keep it simple and they will have a ball!"

LENZO Boho Kids Party Balloons

LENZO Boho Birthday Ruby Rabbit Balloons


STYLING Lenzo / PHOTOGRAPHY Kas Richards / PARTYWARE Ruby Rabbit Partyware / FLORALS + FLOWER CROWNS Bespoke Botanics / DESSERTS Lamanna Patisserie / TIPEES My Dream Teepee