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January 27, 2016

‘Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.’ Oh how right you were Mr Einstein!

Can you even remember a time when smartphones did not exist? When there were no DVD players in cars, tablets on children’s laps or Giggle and Hoot joining us for every meal time… Back in the day when ‘play’ meant just that – imagination and creativity, adventure and curiosity. Oh how those days are missed!

LENZO are therefore delighted to introduce and applaud the team from Castle and Cubby, a small family business specializing in bringing back imagination to children’s lives with their bespoke cubby houses and outdoor toys. So put down those iPads right now kids and #listenup!


The brains and passion behind Castle and Cubby are Kellie and Jon, a Melbourne based couple with two small children themselves. A self proclaimed ‘little family in a big world following our dreams.’

Their passion is for foraging and repurposing products to turn into kids’ cubby houses and outdoor play products, mainly from recycled timbers. The mantra is sustainability with a design edge, encouraging children to think about recycling and their own footprint in the world. Creativity with an environmentally friendly ethos. LENZO #approves.



‘These spaces are designed to engage a child’s imagination by providing a space for them to mimic the world they live in. We provide a little house, café, restaurant, farmer’s market and beach hut or we can design a space to suit your party theme. We also offer sustainable toys and activities to match the theme of the cubby house.’

Kids will spend hours in these spaces. Role playing, interacting, creating. They are ‘built to inspire imagination rather than determine imagination.’ From farmer’s market producers to grocery shopkeepers and baristas, these little gems are a long-term investment worth making. Away from the distractions of modern technology this is one gift that will just keep giving, whilst creating precious memories for the whole family.

my little tribe photography

The added bonus of these awesome products is their sustainability – in a world littered (literally!) with landfills and environmentally hazardous materials, Castle and Cubby are doing their bit to preserve the planet. Their cubby houses are made from recycled fruit and vegetable crates which are sourced locally. So you can sleep easy at night knowing that by supporting their business you too are doing your bit. It’s designer cubbies with an ethical conscience - #winwin!

‘Recycled for us is the only way to go. It feels right to start our kids off with the ethos of recycled and encourage their creativity and imaginations. We are very proud that all our timbers are 100% recycled and untreated. They are completely safe for our children and yours too.’

my little tribe photography

Each cubby house is custom made and completely unique and bespoke for your child - no one cubby is ever the same. You can also pick from a number of accessories to make it that bit more special. Sand pits, bunting, awnings, blackboards, decking, planter boxes.

The perfect gift for your own little individual person. What an amazing gift to give. We are officially #obsessed. We are particularly fond of their divine #beachhuts following our amazing collaboration recently at Mount Martha beach, and think this is the perfect backyard incorporation!



And if you don’t have the space right now for a permanent cubby fixture in your backyard, we have great news. Castle and Cubby have just launched into the event hire space hiring out kids play spaces for birthdays, corporate events and weddings. For further information on the cubby houses for hire or to design your own unique kids play space, contact Castle and Cubby directly for more information.

Good work guys! We can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

Love LENZO xx




WRITTEN BY Charlotte Drew for LENZO / IMAGES via LENZO + Castle and Cubby