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DIY Days with Haymes: A Painted Palm Table

December 18, 2016
DIY Days with Haymes: A Painted Palm Table

By now, we hope that you lovelies have stumbled across our tropical New Year's Eve party, and if not, you #MUST check it out ASAP here...

In this editorial, we wanted to create a showstopping centrepiece, so we decided to create  a bespoke table to match our theme perfectly! And since we were channeling Copacabana vibes, we collaborated with Haymes Paint and designed a peach table covered in painted palms - #tooCUTE right??

This is such an easy thing to create for your next event, and below we teach you exactly how to do it. Note, that you can change this to any design or colour palette to suit your party!!!

Happy Painting!!

Love LENZO x


  • Haymes Paint
  • Wooden Board (to make the table)
  • Palm Cutouts
  • Paint Roller



STEP ONE: Choose your palette with the help of the lovely Haymes Paint specialist team. With their guidance, we decided on Peppy, Tansy, Meadow Green and Jamaican Me Crazy

STEP TWO: Paint your base in your chosen colour and wait for it to dry.


STEP THREE: Print palm shapes from the internet (we used three varieties of shapes and sizes), and cut them out.


STEP FOUR: Place palms sporadically across your wooden board.


STEP FIVE: Start painting your cutouts with your chosen shades. Continue by layering different types of palms and colours over one another.


STEP SIX: Viola!!! Throw a party to show off your super cute bespoke table!






PAINTED TABLE Haymes Paint /STYLING Lenzo / PHOTOGRAPHY Kas Richards / VENUE XO Studios /