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March 23, 2016

We stumbled across these 'oh so pretty' DIY eggs via Instagram and couldn't wait to share this project with you.  Conducted by Danie Pout of  'BLANK GOODS' - she gives us a fab DIY Tutorial…. and some lovely tips to create that perfect Easter 'SURPRISE'.  'Blank Goods' offers simple yet stylish package and project supplies with a dash of inspiration!

From Danie of BLANK GOODS

“I love our BLANK hollow wooden Easter eggs, they’re beautiful both in their natural state or decorated. Just imagine receiving a hand decorated egg for Easter – one that you can keep and admire! Such a wonderful personalised Easter gift idea.

The BLANK hollow wooden eggs are handmade from quality linden wood and are easy to paint. For this tutorial I have used acrylic hobby paint, but I encourage you to have a play with different materials – water colours, markers, decoupage, washi tape, ink etc".

Along with looking good, these eggs are great for hiding surprise treats inside! I have had a lot of fun shopping for these treats and putting together some inspiration for a non-chocolate Easter!

Okay. Let’s get cracking…!



– Blank Goods hollow wooden eggs - Small piece of very fine sandpaper – Pencil – Eraser – Paint (we have used Matisse acrylic) – Paint markers and Sharpie markers – Brushes – Matte Varnish


Step 1: Design your eggs! You may find it helpful to sketch some ideas and patterns for your eggs before you start painting. Creating colour roughs, with markers or paint, is also a good way to see how your egg designs will co-ordinate together.

Use a pencil to lightly sketch an outline of your design on the egg. It’s much easier to erase any mistakes at this stage! Keep the line work nice and light so that it will not show thorough your paint.

Step 2: Lightly sand your wooden eggs if required.


Step 3: You can separate your hollow wooden eggs and paint each half individually. This is ideal when you want to paint half the egg a different colour. Also consider painting the inside of the egg too – which is a nice surprise detail. I recommend keeping the egg whole if you want to paint it an all over solid colour. This will mean that the paint at the join of the egg will be neater.

LENZO loves a tip, what is Danie's? Hold the egg using your pointer finger and thumb and paint around your fingers! You can paint the patches at the top and bottom of the egg later when the sides are dry. Paint pens such as Posca pens and permanent Sharpie markers are also a great way to add fine details to your egg designs. Make sure you wait until the paint is dry before you draw details over painted areas

Step 5: When you have finished painting your eggs it is a good idea to use a matte varnish to seal and protect them. I recommend you do a test area first and make sure you don’t over brush!


Step 6: When your eggs are painted and varnished you can fill them with surprise treats! I have tried to think up non-chocolate / confectionery treats. I have tested the following to find out what fits inside our eggs! Here is my list to get you inspired:

– Tattoos – Confetti – Finger monsters – Fluffy Easter chicks – Lego mini figures – Jewellery – Novelty erasers – Mini toy car – Hair clips – Water bomb balloons – Stickers


TIP: For even more fun why not create an Easter Egg hunt with clues inside the eggs! Pinterest is an excellent resource for finding scavenger-hunt-type clues. I found some great rhyming riddle clues. Just type ‘egg hunt clues in the search field’.