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July 27, 2017

Following our recent hens day editorial we wanted to share with you all how make up artist Shae Cara achieved the hens day beauty look with Miss Universe Australia winner Olivia Molly with the #EXCLUSIVE Chemist Warehouse range of W7 makeup. Creating a youthful beauty look is a favourite of LENZO's and simply looks #AMAZING on any party girl.

STEP 1 - Apply W7 Prime and Glow Primer and W7 Skin Fresh Concealer to eyes and face. For Olivia, Shae used a medium tone.

STEP 2 - Using a fluffy brush, take a cream colour eyeshadow from the In the Nude Palette to the eyelids to ensure your eyeshadow will set.

STEP 3 - Taking the same brush and using a medium brown, start from the outer corner of the eye sweeping backwards and forwards through the crease, adding more product and repeating if needed.

STEP 4 - Using a smaller blending brush, take the darker brown colour (making sure to tap off any excess shadow from the brush as this helps with eliminating fall out) and creating a C shape to the outer corner of the eye. You can repeat this step multiple times until you have the depth that you are after.

STEP 5 - Using the fluffy brush from steps 2 and 3 blend the outer corner for a softer appearance.

STEP 6 - Using a flat shader brush, apply the champagne shimmer from the Beat It Eye Palette in shadow 3 to the inner third of the eye, repeating this step until you’re happy with the coverage.

STEP 7 - Again using a flat shader brush, take the Glocomotion Shimmer Highlighter and apply to the brow bone and inner corner.

STEP 8 - Using a smudger brush (a short haired dense brush), apply the same medium shadow from step 3 along the lower lash line then using the darker shadow we used in step 4, blend into the outer third of the lower lash line to create symmetry between the lower lash line and the eye lid.

STEP 9 - Taking an angled liner brush, apply Automatic Fine Eye Liner onto the upper lash line. This makes the eye #POP!

STEP 10 - Apply Queen Bee Mascara to the upper and lower lashes. And then apply Kabrow Brow Thickner in Medium Brown to create fullness!

STEP 11 - Taking a fan brush apply the Glocomotion Shimmer Highlighter and lightly sweep along the cheek bone.

STEP 12 - Apply the Kiss Lipstick in Lollipop pink to the lips and VOILA! - your hens day look is done.



W7 MAKE UP via Chemist Warehouse /MAKE UP ARTIST Shae Cara Make Up Artistry /PHOTOGRAPHY Kas Richards / MODEL Olivia Molly Rogers, / FLOWER D4O2NI Heart Flowers / ROBES Posy Robes / LOCATION Tussie Mussie /