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April 01, 2015

Today's DIY project is with Abigail Jane - A Melbourne stylist with a focus on event design and interiors. We came across Abigail's wedding and we were totally blown away by her ability to get more out of less.  Over to you Abigail.


  • Neutral, 100% cotton fabric for napkins (allow 40x40cm roughly per napkin).
  • Fabric dye in your desired colour. (We’ve used RIT dye in Fuchsia & Armadillo Yellow to create a peachy sunset colour.
  • Bucket
  • Salt
  • Pegs
  • Fabric scissors
  • Rubber gloves to avoid staining
  • Access to water


STEP 1: Cut your fabric into long strips in multiples of 40cm. (We did strips of fabric 40cm wide x 160cm long). This will create approx 12 napkins at 40cm x 40cm (3 across)

Tip: To ensure you have straight edges, cut and then tear the fabric apart. This will leave a small frayed edge. If you don’t like this look, you can hem your napkins at the end.

STEP 2: Loosely fold your fabric strips into approx 20cm wide lengths. It’s important you keep these loose, as you want the dye to get into all the layers.

STEP 3: Next, prepare your dye as per the instructions on the packet. It’s important you follow these strictly to ensure the colour holds. (We used a combination of very hot water and salt as per our instructions).

Tip: It’s good to check the colour of your dye on a scrap piece of material first, to check you are happy with the colour - especially if you are mixing dyes to create your own colour.


STEP 4: To create the ombre dip dyeing technique, take one folded strip and hold your fabric at the very ends. You might want to practice this technique on a scrap piece first.

STEPS 5 // 6 // 7: Dip the fabric ¾ of the way in (leaving the top section out) and hold in the dye for approx 10-15 seconds only.

Then dip only ½ the fabric in the dye and hold here for approx 2-3 mins.

Dip the last 1/3 of the fabric in the dye for approx 20mins.Dip the fabric ¾ of the way in (leaving the top section out) and hold in the dye for approx 10-15 seconds only.

Tip: You can peg the fabric to the edge of the bucket at this point and start the same process with a new strip of folded up fabric.

STEP 8: Once you have completed all strips of fabric, rinse dye as per packet instructions and hang to dry.

STEP 9: Once dry, fold fabric strips into 40cm sections and cut and tear to create individual napkins.


DIY CONCEPT + STYLING Abigail Jane // PHOTOGRAPHY Miss Pigeon Productions