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August 11, 2015

If you haven’t checked out our Pastel + Palm baby shower yet, you don’t know what your missing out on! The feature is #amazing (in our #bias opinion,) but the real #SHOWSTOPPER of this editorial was the custom painted palms, painted by yours truly at team LENZO!

For an extra boost of colour confidence, we enlisted the help of 'Haymes Paint,'  - who provided a stylist in order to help us achieve the #perfectpastel finish! In the end, we decided upon a palette of Lafleur, Spearmint, Greyology, April Sky and Sweet Sixteen (for a deeper contrast.) We recommend painting these a day or so before your big event - but you will be surprised at how long these bad boys can last once painted!

Happy crafternooning!

Love LENZO xx


  • Haymes Paints (we usedInterior Expressions!)
  • Plastic drop sheet
  • Fabric paint roller
  • Palms, palms + more palms!

Lenzo Bridal Shower Low Res-24


STEP ONE:  Choose theperfect palette for your palms!

Lenzo Bridal Shower Low Res-57

STEP TWO: Mix your paint thoroughly to ensure you get the true colour!

Lenzo Bridal Shower Low Res-46

Lenzo Bridal Shower Low Res-68

STEP THREE: Apply a bottom coat to all the leaves and wait about an hour for them to dry.

LENZO Tip : Don't paint the stems - as this allows you to keep them in water, meaning they will last a whole lot longer!

Lenzo Bridal Shower Low Res-79

Lenzo Bridal Shower Low Res-90

STEP FOUR: Apply another coat and repeat until you are happy with the finish! We did two for the shoot.

Lenzo Bridal Shower Low Res-6

STEP FIVE: Make sure you let them completely dry before you use them for your next creative party adventure!!

Lenzo Bridal Shower Low Res-4

Love LENZO xxx


STYLING + CONCEPT Lenzo  / PHOTOGRAPHY Hello Darling Photography / PAINTS Haymes Paint /MODEL Helen from What She Said Co.