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May 31, 2016

We love new trends don’t we?! The latest thing we are obsessed with is #PERSPEX! Earrings, necklaces, furniture and now we see it coming into event stationery!

It’s actually quite easy to do and makes the perfect little DIY! Best of yet – it is so simple to adjust and add your own personal touch! What was our #XFactor? Well, we borrowed some goodies from our friends at Place Settings, and they helped us bring the table setting to life!

Love LENZO xx


  • 2 x PERPEX SHEETS - we used A5 2mm thickness
  • Printed Written menu
  • Fine paint marker
  • Decorations to go between the Perspex sheets - we used mini monsteria and confetti!
  • 8 x mini round magnets per menu

Last Import - 24


STEP ONE: Place perspex sheet over the written menu

Last Import - 02

STEP TWO: Give the paint marker a very good shake then trace the menu artwork onto the perspex sheet. Let paint dry for 5 minutes.

Last Import - 01

STEP THREE: Put your decorations in between the two Perspex sheets, placing the written perspex menu on top. For this DIY, we used a mixture of monsteria leaves and confetti, but you can add what ever you like in between the Perspex…flower petals, confetti, photos!

TIP: Remember,  whatever you put in between the sheets, keep #SIMPLE! You don’t want to draw away from the beautiful perspex menu!

Last Import - 15

STEP FOUR: Into each corner of the menu, put the mini gold magnets on either side of the Perpex to join them together!

Last Import - 20

STEP FIVE: Ta-Da! Enjoy styling your new perspex menus by bringing out accents through matching + contrasting tableware pieces!

Last Import - 34

Last Import - 35

Last Import - 42