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May 29, 2017

Services are perfect when you don’t have the skills yourself, or maybe just don’t have the time, and want the help of experts in their field to ensure that your event is amazing.

The services you’ll require will vary depending on the kind of event you’re planning. Services for weddings include celebrants, catering, photography, videography, florists, entertainment, styling, event planning, hair and beauty and stationery; whereas services for kids parties can include entertainment, face painting, photography, styling and balloon installations.

By hiring different services for your event you can really make a statement with the help of those who do it for a living. They help add a polished touch to any event and will work with a brief from you in regards to the look you’re after.

LENZO Services

LENZO has a curated list of wedding, event and party related services from makeup artists and tanning to professional stylists and the best in photography, we can make your event shine by working with the best in the business.


Catering is such a vital aspect of any event. What do they say, a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach- well I suppose you could say the same for an event. If guests go hungry they can be hangry!

Catering can work in harmony with your theme. For example if you were hosting a beach themed wedding, why not serve food that is linked to the coast - shucked oysters (yes please)! The experts will be able to carefully create and curate a menu to work with your theme. Some companies offer ready to order options and others work on a bespoke menu depending on budget.

Catering for different events

  • Wedding - important that guests don’t go hungry, especially when the drinks are flowing. It can be lovely to start even with a champagne even before the ceremony starts, it will break the ice and set the scene. If guests are waiting for the bridal party to have their photos, it’s always a great idea to serve canapes. With mains you are given many options - it’s common to have alternate drops at wedding, or if you’re lucky your guests will be given an option of dishes to choose from the menu. More and more popular is a large plate / shared food style wedding. Cocktail weddings are becoming more and more popular.

  • Kids Birthday Party - kids eat a lot of food, so a party should be well stocked with a wide variety. Go for the classics party foods that are easy for kids to grab on the go such as, party pies, sausage rolls, cupcakes, and fruit slices. You can match the food to the theme, or set up decorate your own cookie stations for something fun. Get creative with kids party food and make sure you have enough!

    LENZO recommended caterers

    All the delicious food you could want for any occasion:

  • Peter Rowland - Melbourne. Can work on big scale events but also intimate affairs. A tailored approach to catering and one of the best reputations in the business
  • Fred and Ginger Catering - Based in North Melbourne. They are dedicated to making events memorable
  • The Farm Cafe- Great for shared food platters. Locally sourced, organic and high quality produced
  • The Caterer Sydney - high quality food anywhere. Their motto is high end restaurant quality in any space.
  • Studio Neon - Sydney based caterer, works with locally produced and seasonal produce
  • Adelaide- Stirring the pot catering. Mum of 3 Dinah is incredible with what she creates. Gourmet styled canapes, always packed with flavour and fresh herbs


    Choose the right celebrant Ensuring you are comfortable with the celebrant you choose is extremely important - for they have a very important role in marrying you! Many people choose to meet with their celebrant first to ensure they are comfortable and click with the couple.

    Celebrants are great for beach, garden, at home or winery wedding’s, something more intimate. Every increasing in popularity, a celebrant can provide a service with set vowels (standard ceremony) or you can work with the celebrant to create a ceremony that represents you as a couple, something much more personalised.

    Event styling

    Get your event styled by a professional LENZO can help with your styling inspiration through our BLOG The EDIT (LINK) - But sometimes you need an expert involved - especially when it’s such a momentous occasion as your wedding.

    A stylist will generally meet with you to discuss the details of your day and then come back to you with some ideas of how this can be brought to life.

    They can liaise with furniture and prop hire, decorations, balloons, flowers, venue - you can hire them for an all service fee where you don’t have to liaise with the individual suppliers or there can be a mix. Sometimes, a stylist can literally just come back with a moodboard. Many stylists have set packages where you can pick the service.

    Some people get confused between the difference of an event stylist and planner. Some businesses such as En Pointe Events and White White weddings will offer both. The stylist is responsible for all the pretty details while the planner is responsible for the logistics and running in the lead up and on the day.

    Event Planning

    An event planner can help with the details Event planning for any kind of event takes the stress out of the day. They coordinate all aspects of events and create a run sheet. They will organise logistics, timings and liaise with the caterers to ensure the event runs without a hitch.

    LENZO recommended stylists and event managers

  • Styled by Coco (Melbourne) - great for extravagant kids parties. Beautiful blooms
  • En Pointe Events Melbourne - sophisticated and chic. Experienced
  • White White Weddings Brisbane - Attention to detail. Love all things pretty
  • The Style Co (Melbourne and Sydney) Leading stylist in Victoria - have extended to a style school
  • Little Gray Station Byron Region - Great for a beach or coastal wedding. Attention to detail.
  • Chasing Arrows Sydney - Beautifully crafted intimate events. Great for an engagement or party at home


    WE LOVE FLOWERS AT LENZO. They can absolutely make or break an overall setting. A florist can help you achieve your flower goals. They understand the seasons and what is available. You may have your heart set on a peony bouquet but if you are getting married in March the season is not on your side!!

    The flowers will be showcased at the ceremony, the bouquet, table settings at the reception and we are seeing a massive trend in flower crowns and hanging installations.

    Work with your theme and your palette to select the flowers of your choice together with your florist. Consider the season, as well as the cost of flowers. The cost will vary considerably between types of flowers. Also think about the foliage that goes within your flowers - the colour and the tone. This is something that can be forgotten.

    It’s important to consider your theme when deciding on your floral combination. If you are having a beach wedding you may opt for tropical foliage. And if you are hosting a party in the garden why not use a combination of roses to compliment the setting.

    Flowers that suit different styles of event:

  • Beach wedding - palms / orchids / Anthurium / Bougainvillea / Hibiscus / Lantana Camara/ Frangipani / Water lily /
  • Garden wedding - Hydrangea / Davide Austin Roses / dahlia
  • Luxe Wedding - Peonies / Orchids
  • Baby Shower - Neutral Palette of whites and greenery
  • Hens Day - Girly Pink. Peonies / Lisanthus (good if on budget) / ranunculus

    LENZO recommended florists

  • Fox and Rabbit Perth
  • Poppies Flowers - Adelaide
  • Adelaide Flower House - Adelaide
  • Matthew Landers - Perth Luxe
  • Boutierre Girls Sydney
  • Mr Cook Flowers Sydney
  • Raven and The Rose - Melbourne
  • Hi Petal Flowers Melbourne
  • Elyssium Blooms (gold coast and perth)
  • Styled by Coco Melbourne

    Hair and beauty

    You want to feel fabulous on your big day so it’s important to carefully think about your hair and makeup. Have a look via Instagram and Pinterest at some looks you like - and then link through the feeds to find a contact that you think will work with you. If you have a long term hairdresser - go for it - you both know each other and what works with your face.

    LENZO recommended

    It’s important to find the right stylist:

  • Isabella Quinn hair and makeup
  • Holly Harnwell
  • Mecca
  • Bellissimo Hair Adelaide
  • Marie UVA Melbourne
  • Renya Xydis Sydney


    Don’t forget the fun stuff! Hiring entertainment for events is a great way to make it memorable and add some fun that’s a little bit more special. Whether it’s music or games, you can hire all sorts of entertainment services no matter what the event or occasion you’re planning.

    If you’re looking at hiring music, you might think about band vs. dJ vs. playlist, again depending on the type of event. Now it’s so easy to select the music you love. Use props and decorations as part of the fun, this is especially easy for kids birthday parties. Lighting can help set the mood, and you can hire coloured light machine, which are perfect for disco theme (which is always a blast).

    LENZO recommended

    Get the party started with these great entertainment services:

  • Pro Light and Sound - Melbourne
  • Micktric Events - Perth
  • Photography and videography
  • Capture your event on camera

    Photography and Videography

    Do you want a photographer or videographer, or both? That can really depend on the kind of event you’re planning for, if it’s for, if it’s a wedding most people go for both, but if it’s for a kids birthday party you might just choose on or the other, and baby showers usually just stick to photography. Some businesses will offer you the two such as One Heart Studios. This is completely up to you and what you want to capture!

    To make sure you choose the right [photographer or videographer](/s/photographer-videographer0, it’s generally a good idea to meet with them first to ensure you have the right chemistry. Look at their portfolio to see what their style is and ensure it’s in line with the look you’re after.

    LENZO recommended

    Some of our favourite photographers and videographers to capture your special occasion on camera:

  • Erin and Tara - Melbourne
  • Kas Richards - Melbourne
  • Figtree Pictures - Gold Coast and Byron
  • Meg Hansen - Adelaide
  • Heart and Colour - Brisbane and Gold Coast


    When it comes to stationery, think about the event you’re planning and what kind of stationery you’ll need, whether it’s invites, place cards, or menus. Put thought into the wording on your stationery to ensure everyone has all the required details and can easily get in contact if they need any more information.

    Match your stationery to the theme of the event and tie it all together. Especially with invitations, they are the first introduction to guests as to the type of event they can expect.

    Depending on the type of event these are the types of stationery you might consider:

  • Save the Date
  • Invitation suite including (invite / rsvp / registry details / map / dietary requirements)
  • Menus
  • Sigange
  • Pretty details such as drink tags
  • Favor tags
  • Place Cards
  • Thank you Cards

    LENZO recommended

    LENZO has a range of fabulous stationery suppliers to cater for any occasion:

  • Cake Ink - Beautifully crafted, attention to detail. Also design cakes to match stationery. Great at tiered cakes / metallic cakes and watercolour
  • September Creative - Modern and fresh designs. Playful
  • Studio Silva - Classically luxe designs
  • Danger and Moon - On point and some ready made pieces
  • Dream a little dream - Gorgeous stationery for children.