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March 15, 2017

We at LENZO love a baby shower! It’s such an exciting time to celebrate a baby and mum to be. We are seeing baby showers becoming more and more popular - with a huge surge in gender reveal party baby showers.

The concept behind a baby shower is "showering" the mother with gifts. A smaller version of a shower is sometimes referred to as a sprinkle, as you "sprinkle" her with just a few items that will set her up for the arrival of the baby. As the name suggests, a sprinkle is a light shower. A baby shower is most commonly held for a first time mum. If the child is a second or third child, it’s most likely that the family already have most of the supplies needed to care for a baby. A party may still be held, but gifts may not be a significant part of the event.

Generally a close friend, relative or work colleague will host the shower on behalf of the mum-to-be.

Baby Showers with LENZO

LENZO is the place to be inspired for your BABY SHOWER. We have many beautiful baby showers featured and have also created our own Baby Shower inspiration on the EDIT. Our pastel palm baby shower set the trend!

LENZO is a one stop shop solution to plan your baby shower. We have all the suppliers and products in the one destination.

When should the baby shower be held?

A baby shower is most commonly held before the baby is born - between 30 and 36 weeks when the mum is showing and well and truly ready for a lovely treat!
When setting a date for the party, first consult the parents-to-be. Make sure they do actually want to have a shower, and avoid any date clashes. Imagine sending out invitations, only to find out that the most important people aren’t available! If you decide to throw a shower after the baby is born, that's fine too. With a baby as the centerpiece, you'll have a surefire icebreaker and conversation topic.

Who should be invited to the baby shower?

If you're hosting the shower for a close friend, you may have some ideas about the guest list already. It's best to consult with the guest (or guests) of honor before finalizing your list, though. That way, you won't accidentally leave out someone important – or invite someone they would rather not include. If the parents-to-be have close friends and family who live far away and can't make it to the shower, consider setting up a time during the event when they can be included through FaceTime or Skype. Make sure they get an invitation with all the details!

All the important details

There are heaps of things involved in planning a baby shower, and it can seem a little overwhelming to begin with! Whether you’re planning one by yourself or with help, organisation is the key. Write a good checklist early on and work out how to address each of them.

Some of the key elements you need to consider when planning a baby shower are:

• Theme

Perfect baby shower themes

You might want to give your baby shower a theme, although not everyone chooses to do this. Themes can be a fun way to unify the different elements of the day.

Some popular options are:

• Gender Reveal
• High Tea themed
Flower themed
Tropical themed
• Luxe themed
• Garden themed
Polka dot
• All White
Boho themed
• Storybook baby shower
• Pamper / Day Spa themed
Monochrome themed
• Traditional Girls
• Traditional Boys

What to include in your baby shower invitations

Your baby shower invitations should be sent out about a month prior to the event, but if guests will be attending from out of town you might want to give them a phone call to let them know in advance. Your RSVP date should be about a week out from the day so you can follow up anyone who hasn’t let you know to confirm numbers for catering purposes.

Your invitations should make it clear:

• Who the baby shower is for
• The date and time of the shower
• The venue or address of the shower
• RSVP phone number or email address
• RSVP-by date

You might also want to indicate who is hosting. If you do not want presents, are having a wishing well, or would like donations to charity in lieu of gifts, make this clear on the invitation as well.

Choosing a baby shower venue

There are three main categories to choose from when picking out a baby shower venue: somebody’s home, a hired venue, or the great outdoors. There are pros and cons to each type of venue, but ultimately your choice depends on the kind of event you want to have, and how many people you are inviting.

Homes are the traditional venue of choice for baby showers, since they are personal, private and free. In a private home you can have total control over things, cater exactly the way you want to, and play all the raucous party games you like. Usually the host offers up her home for the occasion, but the mum-to-be’s home may be used, or another friend with a particularly suitable home may be asked.

Hired venues include restaurants, community halls and hotels. This costs more money up-front but can take a lot of the stress out of the event for you. Many venues will handle set-up, catering and the clean-up. They might also decorate for you, leaving you free to simply show up and enjoy the party.

Outdoor parks, beaches or other locations are beautiful, casual and free to use. Despite this, there are some logistical issues to work out. You will need to make sure there is plenty of seating, toilets, and some way to keep large amounts of food at a safe temperature for serving. You will also need a solid backup plan in case the weather doesn’t cooperate that day.

LENZO recommended venues for baby showers include:

Lucky Penny Melbourne
Campbell Point House - Melbourne / Geelong
• Chiswick Restaurant - Sydney
• Watson’s Bay Boutique Hotel - Sydney
• Vila Kula - Perth
• Stables of Como - Melbourne
• Greenfields - Melbourne
• Baby shower at the Home of the parents or a friend or relative
• Ultimo Catering - Perth
• Halycon House - Cabarita Beach
• Byron View Farm - Byron Bay
• Mayfair Hotel High Tea - Adelaide
• Three Blue Ducks - Byron Bay
• The Grounds of Alexandria - Sydney
• The Johnson - Brisbane

Set the scene with some stylish decor

Baby shower decor is so much fun! The amount of planning you need to put into this depends on where you are hosting the baby shower, the theme of the party, and (of course) how decorated you want things to be.

If you are hosting the shower in someone’s home, think about how you can decorate without disrupting their space too much. If you’re holding the event at a commercial venue, check whether or not they will decorate for you and what you need to supply them. If you’re headed for the outdoors, make sure your decorations are easily transportable, won’t blow away in the wind, and aren’t going to leave behind litter.

Baby shower decor is usually matched to the theme (if there is a theme!), and might include:

Garlands and Buntings
• Banners
• Pinwheels
• Pom poms
Table confetti
• Centrepieces
• Lanterns

Our LENZO recommended decoration suppliers for baby showers are:


• Melbourne - Moonshot Balloons, Belle Balloons, Boutique Balloons
• Sydney - House of Party Online, The Bespokery
• Perth - Balloon Co, Perth
• Adelaide - The Little Big Balloon Company


Ruby Rabbit Party
Little Booteek
Parties Made Pretty
Invite Me Shop
• Hip & Hooray


• Foamtastic

Centrepieces and Decoration Hire:

The Hire Co
The Small Things Co

Furniture Hire:

• [Dann Event Hire]/shop/north-melbourne/vic/dann-event-hire/689() (Melbourne)
M Event Hire (Perth)
Hampton Event Hire (Byron Bay and Gold Coast)
• Innovative Living (Brisbane)
• Elegant Tea Time (Sydney)

Food fit for a baby shower

Think about what sort of food you want on offer for the party. Will you have a sit-down meal or just snacks and finger-food? Will you focus on sweet, savoury or both?

Some popular food options include:

• Hot food - tacos, slliders, or classics like sausage rolls and pies
• Cold food - crackers and dip, cheese boards, salads, sandwiches, rice paper rolls, and pastries
• Sweets - cakes, cookies, cotton candy, cupcakes, macarons, personalised desserts
• Drinks - cha cha iced tea, mocktails (she is pregnant after all!), champagne for the other guests, juice, punch, soft drink, smoothies, hot chocolate - and our new favourite, Pink Lattes!

Remember that there will be at least one pregnant lady present, so think carefully about food safety and beware of risky foods like soft cheeses, certain types of fish, and deli meats. You can still serve these things, of course, but make sure there are plenty of other options! Similarly, ask the mama-to-be how she feels about alcohol being on offer. It’s fine to serve alcohol if she and the host are okay with it.

You can choose to provide the food yourself, have guests bring food to share, or hire a caterer to take care of things to save you stress.

These caterers come highly recommended by LENZO: • Peter Rowland Catering - Melbourne
Ultimo Catering - Perth
• Stirring the Pot - Adelaide
• Combi - Melbourne
• Gallivant Events - Sydney
Mobile food and vans
• Gramercy Coffee - Brisbane
• Botanica - Brisbane

Gifts for a baby shower

Gifts are a crucial part of the baby shower, since they are part of the reason for the day. Usually gifts are specifically for the baby, but may also be more mum-specific gifts.

Common gifts include: • Toys
• Picture books or board books
• Blankets and swaddles
• Milestone cards or memory books
• Clothes and bibs
• Bath things and towels
• Nappies
• Nursery bits and pieces

Some options for Mum include comfy PJs, teething jewelry, and things to pamper herself with when she finds time to relax from the hard work of pregnancy and motherhood.

Some women choose to have a gift registry for their baby shower, which can be a good option if there are specific things you need or have in mind. This lets you pick out the exact ones that will be best for your family, and have your friends contribute towards those, saving on double-ups or gifts that will remain unused.

If you have most of what you need for the baby, you can ask for something specific related to the theme of the occasion. You might ask for guests to bring a picture book, a favourite dvd or a stuffed toy so that you can put together a small collection for the child. Some people also opt for donations to charity in lieu of gifts, or just ask for no gifts at all.

Baby shower etiquette

Never been to a baby shower? Not sure how to behave? Here’s some good guidelines to keep in mind.


• Bring along an uninvited guest, especially if it’s your boyfriend or husband! If you’re unsure whether they are invited, check with your host.
• Ask personal questions about the pregnancy or birth, especially in front of other guests
• Touch the mum-to-be’s tummy without asking first!
• Offer unsolicited advice on any parenting choices. This is not the time to voice your strong opinions .


• Keep an eye out for guests who don’t know anyone, and make them feel welcome.
• RSVP as early as possible, and stick to what you told the host.
• Be a good sport about party games. It might not be your thing, but don’t fold your arms and refuse to join in. If you really don’t want to participate, pick a good moment to pop to the kitchen to help with the food.

Baby showers are such a fun time to celebrate new life and existing friendships. With a few of these tips from LENZO, and a little bit of organisation, you can make sure everything is perfect for your celebration.