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April 26, 2018

Hosting the ultimate High Tea is easy with a little help from LENZO and The High Tea Mistress

Who doesn’t love a High Tea? It’s one of the only guiltless ways to enjoy eating dessert and drink champagne at 1pm without having to justify why! Having adopted this long-standing tradition from our British sisters, a High Tea party has become an increasingly popular way to celebrate baby showers, bridal showers, birthdays and even corporate launches.

If you’re looking to host your very own High Tea, LENZO can show you how. There’s nothing like having a gossip sesh with your besties over a spot of tea + a warm scone, so join us our resident expert Emma from The High Tea Mistress shows us how it’s done!

What kind of foods should you serve at your High Tea?

Emma says: “A selection of savoury and sweet menu options is best served at a High Tea. The pieces should only be the size of one or two bites, and should be easy to cut (if necessary) with a spoon or dessert fork. Try to have a variety of flavours to accommodate all the tastes of your guests.”

LENZO suggests serving:

  •   Crustless sandwiches
  •   Scones (obviously!)
  •   Cupcakes
  •   Sushi
  •   Cake
  •   Antipasto
  •   Macarons




Should your High Tea have a theme?

Emma says: “Traditionally, High Teas don’t have a ‘theme.’ However, more and more people are looking for different ways to make their High Tea truly unique. You are only limited by your imagination!”

LENZO suggests:

  •   Alice in Wonderland/Mad Hatter theme
  •   Marie Antoinette theme
  •   Mermaid theme
  •   Unicorn theme
  •   Rustic theme
  •   Tropical theme
  •   Colour theme


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What activities occur at a High Tea?

Emma says: “Games and activities are a great way to get guests interacting with each other, especially if the attendees don’t know each other so well. As a High Tea is usually an intimate gathering, talking is encouraged! The High Tea Mistress uses the ice-breaker idea of giving guests disposable tea bags with their place settings, and leaving it up to the guests to create their own filled teabag. This is a fun interaction and conversation starter activity.

Other popular activities include a Flower Crown Workshop, a fun High Tea Etiquette Class, and a High Tea Masterclass - all of which The High Tea Mistress can provide.”



What tea should you serve at a High Tea?

Emma says: “Tea is one of the most important details! A great balance of black and herbal teas that complement the food menu is best. You can opt to serve teas hot, or even iced tea (this is great option in summer or when you don’t have access to a power point where water cannot be heated.) Your High Tea is a special event, so make it an adventure with some boutique or artisan teas. Your guests will thank you for it.”

LENZO suggests serving:

  •   Oolong tea
  •   Rooibos tea
  •   Jasmine tea
  •   Green tea
  •   Chai tea
  •   Fruit teas



Where should you host your High Tea?

Emma says: “There’s nothing like spoiling yourself by trying out the latest High Tea venue, but you are restricted in terms of number of guests, availability, and time slot. In most cases, you may not be able to customise your menu. You’re also competing against the chatter coming from the other High Tea parties.

On the other hand, choosing to host your High Tea in your own home or even garden means you can tailor everything to your exact needs.”

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As a guest, what gifts should you bring to a High Tea?

Emma says: “Polite society dictates that you should never turn up to an invited event empty-handed. Champagne is always readily accepted, but depending on the occasion, you can also bring a customised teacup gift box, a tea sampler set, or even a gift voucher for that hard-to-buy special someone.”

High Tea Etiquette Do's

Emma says: “ When attending a High Tea, it's important to be on your best behaviour. While there are many rules (which you can learn by attending our High Tea Etiquette Class), just keep in mind these golden ones:


  •   RSVP, and on time. It makes the host’s job a lot easier for catering purposes.
  •   Dress up. Put on a gorgeous frock!
  •   Arrive on time. You can be up to 15 minutes late (what we call ‘fashionably late’) but any later than this, and it’s considered bad manners.
  •   Arrive after the host
  •   Have fun!


Must-have crockery pieces to pretty up your High Tea

Emma says: “People eat with their eyes first, so everything needs to look on point. Presentation is key, and you only have a few minutes to make a positive first impression.

Make your High Tea memorable with a lovely tablecloth or a bench top, and linen napkins. Gorgeous cups and saucers will suit the style of your High Tea, as well as cutlery, teaspoons, and dessert forks.


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And of course, you need a teapot! It’s one of the stars of the show, so you want it to look good as well as accommodate to a number of guests. The other star of the show is a cake stand. Again, get creative and find something that fits in with your style.

“high “high SHOP THE LOOK: three-tier cake stand / single cake stand

Last but not least, a sugar bowl, milk jug, and cake tongs are all great to have on-hand to complete the tea party."

Well, we definitely should expect to see more High Teas in the next coming months. We only have one question - can we come, too?

Love, LENZO x