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February 21, 2019

5 ways to take your party to the next level with Pickawall

The disappointment of not finding your name on that drink bottle, pencil case, or keyring hit home for all of us kids with the unique first names … but at least today, personalisation is a massive trend that’s extended to the party + events world.

Personalising any party is undoubtedly an #ONTREND way to add a next level of character and flair to your special occasion. And we’re not just talking about designing your own party invitations. No, we’re thinking much bigger.

“lenzo Styled by Oh Feri Event Styling / Photo by Jonathan Liu

So, who better to ask on how to make your party personal than LENZO supplier Pickawall? Since 2012, the team has been taking parties and events to the next level with their custom-made self-adhesive removable wallpaper, murals, and flooring.

Having been featured in many of our shoots, including our Pretty Pastel Gender Reveal party, Sweeter than Spring Tween editorial, and our recent Minimalist Modern Summergrove Estate wedding, we can definitely vouch that they are!

Here’s how you can make your party personal with Pickawall…

1. Personalise your: walls

An oldie but a goodie: follow the lead from product launches and runway shows and turn a plain wall from your event space into an epic backdrop or mural. Go for a striking pattern or keep it simple with your name emblazoned across the length of the wall for the perfect photo op!

“lenzo Styled by LENZO / Photo by Elsa Campbell

“lenzo Styled by LENZO / Photo by Tommika Valente

“lenzo Styled by Creating Beautiful / Photographer unknown

“lenzo Styled by Lopre Events / Photo by Roam & Wander

Can you believe that this arched wall has been completely transformed using a coral Pickawall sticker? (Honestly, is there anything they can’t do?!)

“lenzo Styled by LENZO / Photo by Samantha Simone

2. Personalise your: table tops

Often, it’s the simple things that can have the biggest impact on changing a space. If you’re hosting a sit-down event, custom place mats or table tops printed with your colour palette are a great way to bring personalisation to the table (so to speak.)

“lenzo Styled by LENZO / Photo by Hugh Davies

“lenzo Styled by LENZO / Photo by Katie Harmsworth

“lenzo Styled by LENZO / Photo by Kas Richards

3. Personalise your: staircase

Well, it’s certainly one way to make an entrance! If any surface can be customised, why wouldn't you decorate your stairs, too? A show-stopping bespoke decal on a main staircase is a great way to make your event stand out from the rest and make it extra personal.

“lenzo Styled by The Style Co / Photo by Sayher Heffernan

4. Personalise your: bar front

If you’ve hired a bar for your event, why not decorate the front panels with personalised stickers? Opt for a pattern in your colour palette so as to create a cohesive theme throughout your space. It’s also a great way to direct your guests to the bar (not that you’d need to draw attention to the drinks station!)

“lenzo Styled by LENZO / Photo by Kas Richards

“LENZO Styled by LENZO / Photos by Madeleine Chiller

5. Personalise your: floors

All good parties start on the dance floor, so why not deck your floor with your very own personalised sticker?

Corporate Event Food MenuTympan Ink Styled by LENZO / Photo by Kat Stanley

“lenzo Styled by Pickawall / Photo by Carving A Giant

“lenzo Styled by Creating Beautiful / Photo by Olivia & Thyme

For our Pink Summer Christmas in Australia Editorial, we asked Pickawall to literally bring the pool inside with a water pattern floor decal (and, it’s definitely the cheaper alternative to hiring a carpenter!)

LENZO Christmas Dann Event Hire Furniture Melbourne LENZO Christmas Anthea Page Model Belle Balloons Styled by LENZO / Photos by Kas Richards

If you’re looking for a unique alternative to a rug, you can even cover a smaller section of the floor if you choose.

“LENZO Styled by LENZO / Photo by Kas Richards
“LENZO Styled by The Style Co / Photo by Sayher Heffernan


The good thing about Pickawall custom stickers is that they’re so easy to put up – and just as easy to take down, without doing any damage to your walls, tables, or floors. Ready to personalise your event? Browse Pickawall products today on the LENZO marketplace and order your wallpaper online now!

Love, LENZO x



HERO IMAGE Styled by Co.Co.Xo x Megan Hess / COPYWRITER + BLOGGER Maree Mikhaiel