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May 20, 2015

If you love food, photography and the odd ‘what I'm about to devour shot’, then you will love LENZO's favourite trend right now 'The Popsicle Ice Age'. Combine all of this with a selfie stick and you have yourself a winner. Both Aquas® and Stix Desserts®  have already picked up this notable trend in Sydney, whilst housed in Federation Square, Melbourne is home to the Popstic Ice cream and Sorbet Bar and N2.

Aquas started off as a humble journey in the search for desserts all over the world. Inspired by Okinawa in Japan, the founders made the decision to bring sea salt soft serve to Sydney. Do not be fooled however - this is a case of life imitating art because at Aquas - you can expect their soft serves to be reworked into an art form. Here they love seeing customers delight in their creations and when art is united with passion, you get something truly priceless, happiness.

Stix Desserts is similarly from Sydney and here they pride themselves on their creations which are stated to be “premium gelato on a stix - your way”. This ice cream parlour is completely interactive. Customers get to choose between a sorbet or a gelato flavor - before dressing it with different sauces and toppings. The end result is a gorgeous creation worthy of both a snap and a bite! The founders of Stix Desserts love the experimentation side of dessert making and their store embodies their vision to not only be a part of the Sydney area, but to also let one tinker with any unique food palates they may have.

Having shops in both Melbourne and Sydney, N2 Extreme Gelato takes ice cream to a whole new level. Think sweetness chaotically combined with science as ice cream as made instantaneously in front of your eyes, and there you have the magical world of N2. (Watch this space for a possible feature in the near future!)

If you are after a self-taught ice cream maker then look no further then Popstic Ice cream® in Federation Square, Melbourne. Som Sayasane heads the kitchen here and he is a firm believer that the customer is always right. His products have been brought back to basics by using simple flavours that are then reworked into beautiful dessert pieces.  We especially love their signature heart!

And they’re already onto it in Adelaide, with the recent launch of Fancy Ices and yes, the desserts blew our mind (and our eyes) - This is our own little LENZO selfie (pity we didn't have a stick on hand)!

And where did this trend come from? Think inspirations from Seoul, Korea. REMICONE® is an eccentric mix of science, experimentation and aesthetics. Their instagram page is a feast for the eyes. We're not quite sure whether the trademark grey Remi is really pretty or really grumpy (we'll let you decide).

We hope you're licking your lips.

Love LENZO xx


Written by LENZO Contributor, Ashmita Chand

IMAGE SOURCES (in order of appearance ) Tara Milk Tea / I'm Still Hungy / Urban Spoon / Popstic / Popstic  / LENZO /Travel USB