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Into The Wild: How To Create The Ultimate Kids Jungle Party 

February 27, 2018
Into The Wild: How To Create The Ultimate Kids Jungle Party

Every kid loves animals - who doesn't remember playing Jane and Tarzan, or pretending to be wild animals in the school yard? We're loving getting in touch with our wild side, so this is one party trend we're seriously getting down with. Here's our 5 tips to rumble in the jungle with your little party animal.

1. Get Creative With Foliage

LENZO Kids Jungle Party Ideas 1

Vivien's 1st Birthday by Creating Beautiful

A great alternative to flowers (that'll inevitably be thrown out at the end of the day) is to surround your party space with foliage. It's a perfect excuse to buy more plant babies - or if you're as adept at neglecting them as us, simply hire them! It'll create the perfect jungle atmosphere for any budding tarzans as well as saving some cash (and it's super eco-friendly!)

LENZO Kids Jungle Party Ideas 1a

LENZO's Zoo Party


2. Safari Eats

LENZO Kids Jungle Party Ideas 2

1st and 3rd Images: Cakes by Sweet Bakes | Middle Image: Cake by Susie Cakes

Sweets are a great way to run with the theme. 'Cub'cakes? YES PLEASE? Porky Pies? Um, yeah! Simply print some cute slogans onto cookies or cupcakes, and voila! If cakes are more your thing (hello anyone who grew up with the Women's Weekly Cook Books!), an animal themed cake is the #CUTEST way to incorporate the theme. Whilst it can be fun to bake yourself, we recommend finding a great patisserie who'll be able to make a cake that'll wow your guests without the effort.

LENZO Kids Jungle Party Ideas 2a

Cookies from Bertie Does


3. Purrfect Props

LENZO Kids Jungle Party Ideas 3

Wild Party by Royale Ziegler at But First, Party | Photo: Billye Donya

This is one of LENZO's biggest kid's party secrets - buy props and decorations for the party that will double as toys after the fiesta. There's nothing quite as tragic as chucking out all of the beautiful partyware post-party - so purchase decorations that your kids will love for years to come. Jumbo and foil balloons last for ages, and are a great addition to your kid's bedroom for weeks after.

LENZO Kids Jungle Party Ideas 3a

LENZO X The Melbourne Zoo


4. Bamboo Partyware

LENZO Kids Jungle Party Ideas 4

Partyware by Daydream Society

At LENZO we like to use eco-friendly supplies where possible - and paper plates and cutlery are a great place to start. Let's be honest: disposable tableware is a must with little party animals, so why not use items that are biodegradable and use less energy to produce? Bamboo partyware not only looks the part - but it'll lessen the environmental impact.

LENZO Kids Jungle Party Ideas 4a

Cookies by Sweet Mickie


5. A Fur-esh Palette

LENZO Kids Jungle Party Ideas 5

Safari 1st Birthday by Styled by Coco

Whilst we do love lush green and brown colours, try switching up the palette. We love this white, orange, and gold palette by But First, Party, and are gushing over the pastel Safari colours by Styled by Coco.

LENZO Kids Jungle Party Ideas 5A

Wild Party by Royale Ziegler at But First, Party