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July 31, 2016

LENZO teams up with Steph Claire Smith + Laura Henshaw from Keep It Cleaner to highlight how you can still celebrate in style without forgetting about being healthy and treating your body kindly.

Our idea was to create a #CLEAN brunch filled with soft colours, an #ABUNDANCE of fruit and a touch of LENZO fun! Gone was all the sugar with nutritious food prepared straight from the girl's booming clean-eating site, which was paired with crisp soda from our friends at Schweppes. The table was filled with delectable baked goods from Bliss Balls to decadent, heavenly brownies, all of which you can learn to make on Keep It Cleaner. These were decorated to the #MAX with the most amazing edible blooms from Flowerdale Farm.

The shoot was captured effortlessly by Hello Darling Photography at our go-to L1 Studios. To deck out the white space, we went crazy with palms thanks to the help of the gorgeous girls from Tori Allen Events, who also created a #JUNGLE-fyed backdrop. The palms were placed beautifully in baskets from Fazeek Homewares, that went perfectly with the crisp furniture from Dann Event Hire. For an extra touch, we went straight to homewares experts Coco and Creme for things such as #THAT golden bar cart and those super cute sippy monogrammed cups!

We also included the #FRESHEST cushions from our friends at Jennifer + Smith, which only enhanced the fruity vibes of the day. We are #LOVING the giant grapefruit cushion, it is giving us total summer vibes. They were also a wonderful addition to our Yellow Willow Yoga knook, who provided us with the most gorgeous yoga mats you could ever imagine! These would make the perfect gift for those yogis out get clicking in our Shop This Look!! And to continue on the workout vibe, we pumped up the Hip and Hooray jumbo balloons with air and had them scattered across the room to resemble exercise balls -how #CUTE?!

With the bar, we added some fun with an Electric Confetti fruit skewer.  The cutest signage by The Home Girls featured here with their 'Hydration Bar' sign. They were responsible for #ALL of the gorgeous stationery scattered across the table, and it really helped tie in the whole event and make it look + feel super cohesive. The bar was filled with Schweepes Crisp Soda, which only have 45 calories in each bottle, as well as LQD +, the perfect #REFUEL after a morning workout session.

Both the girls had fun playing it up with street style looks from Adidas, The Fifth Label, Finder's Keepers + Topshop and natural hair and makeup by Blondie Cosmetica and Isabella Quinn respectively. We are #DYING over that clear Topshop jacket and the grey skirt'n'crop from The Fifth Label, all paired with kicks from Adidas - #tooCUTE!!

Remember lovelies - an apple a day, keeps the doctor away!

Love LENZO xx

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