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Everything You Need to Know About Kids Parties

January 25, 2017
Everything You Need to Know About Kids Parties

Planning a party for your child? Here's what you need to know...

Kid's birthday parties are an important part of childhood, with most people looking back and fondly remembering all the fun parties they were invited to - both their own and that of their friends.

They’re loud and messy and fun. And there’s no denying kid’s birthday parties often require quite a lot of effort on their parent’s part. With so many details to consider - such where to host it, will there be a theme, what decorations will you get, and who will make all the food - the questions you’ll ask yourself will be endless.

And that’s why LENZO is here to help.

We love nothing more than a party, and we love turning a good party into a great one!

We bring together the best in the party business with an inventory of services and products to buy or hire to help bring your party to life. We’re your one stop kids party shop - from the cake through to the entertainment. Here's what you need to know to host an unforgettable kid's party:

Kids birthday party themes

First and foremost, you almost always need a theme! There are many to choose from when planning a children’s birthday party - you just need to find one that suits their personality and interests (in some cases, your child might even help with this one!)

Choosing the theme of your kid’s birthday party will determine a lot of the other details involved, from the decorations you’ll need, to the type of food, and even the venue. Once you’ve chosen the theme you can get started on planning everything else!

Here are some popular kid's birthday party themes:

Princess or superhero party

Always a popular kids birthday party idea, this one can be combined so that boys and girls can dress up as their favourite characters. You can have games and activities suited to the theme as well as putting on a princess or superhero movie for the kids to watch when they need a rest.


Beach or pool party

If your child’s birthday falls within one of the warmer months, then a party at a pool or the beach could be a popular choice. Something to consider with this kind of party is asking a few parents if they wouldn’t mind helping out with supervising the kids.


Space party

Dim the lights and stick up glow-in-the dark stars, and get moon shaped balloons and alien cut outs. A [space theme(/blog/mochromatic-space-party) has so many possibilities for games and table settings that you can really create something out of this world!


Tea party

You could set up some tables and chairs outside with some cute little teapots, and serve iced tea and finger food. Whether you go for a traditional tea party setting or something more 'Mad Hatter' style, you’re only limited by your imagination.

There really are an unlimited number of different kid’s birthday party themes to choose from!

Children’s birthday party invitations

Birthday party invitations are where you need to have all your details worked out. Before these get sent out you need to have your venue booked and theme chosen, so be organised and don’t leave anything until the last minute. This includes sending out your invitations!

Details to include on your kid’s birthday invitations:

Guest list – talk to your child about who they want to invite, but have a think early if you want it to be a smaller party. and then let your kid know they can only invite a certain amount of people.

Addresses – get the correct address information for everyone who is invited and check you have names spelled correctly. If your child is just going to hand the invitations out at school, the address isn’t such a concern.

RSVP – set an RSVP date with enough time for people to respond. This also gives yourself plenty of time to plan for numbers. Clearly include your contact details, which can be either a phone number or email so that it’s easy for people to get in touch with you.

When – whether you’re having the party on your child’s birthday or a weekend on either side of it, state the day of the party as well as the time guests are expected to arrive.

Where – once you’ve chosen the location of the birthday party, ensure you know the address and have it on the birthday invites. Even if the party is at your home and most of the guests know where it is, include the address just to be safe and avoid any confusion.

What – if your kid’s birthday party involves a particular activity, theme, or costume requirement, be sure to include that information on the invite so the parents all know what’s involved on the day of the party.


Kid’s birthday party: To dress up or not to dress up?

A big question to ask yourself is will it be a dress up party? There’s no denying kid’s costume parties are a rite of passage that all children must experience at least once in their life.

Dressing up is a lot of fun, but it also requires a little more effort on the guests’ part, so be aware that some parents might not have the time or means to get a costume for their child. It’s a good idea to have some spare dress up accessories (such as a hat, mask, or cape) just in case anyone arrives without a costume and doesn’t want to be left out.

“dress “dress

Kid’s party venues

The decision of whether you have your kid’s birthday party at home or somewhere else can depend on how much you want to have to deal with the clean up afterwards. It also might depend on how many children are invited to the party - if it’s rather a large guest list, then you might look for a kid's party venue that offers a larger space. In the same regard, you might choose to have it at home to prevent the high costs of hiring a venue for a big group. All around Australia, there are plenty of kid's birthday party venues that cater for groups of all sizes and all ages.

You won't struggle to find great party places for kids - there are plenty of venues in and around Melbourne and the rest of Australia that cater for kid’s birthday parties. And having a birthday party at a fun venue has become very popular of late, as it is often the easier option for busy parents.

Some popular kid’s birthday party venues include:

The Zoo –the zoo has a kid’s party room available for hire

The Aquarium –under the sea fun for all the kids

Bounce - a fun activity centre where the kids can literally bounce off the walls

Ten pin bowling –bowling alleys area popular choice for kid’s birthday parties

Games arcades –the kids can go crazy with all the games they could want!

Birthday party decorations

Birthday party decorations can be as simple as streamers and balloons or as extravagant as photo booths and jumping castles.

Your birthday party decorations can really help you set the scene of the party. You can go for a particular colour scheme or pattern. If it’s a space party include hanging stars and planets, or for a farm party you could have your own scarecrow or bales of hay. You can get really creative with decorations and have as much or little as you like.

“decorations “decorations

You can always create the decorations yourself if you’re feeling crafty, but if you’re low on time there are plenty of places to hire party decorations. You can also hire bigger sets of furniture if you need tables and chairs that are more in line with the theme aesthetic you want. If you end up booking a special venue for your kid’s birthday party, they might organise all the decorations for you, so be sure to chat to them about what you want and see what they offer.

Not sure where to start with party decorations? Some of our favourite suppliers that you can shop directly from us are:

Ruby Rabbit Partyware - a curated selection of the most beautiful hand-picked party decorations. With themes ranging from Unicorn to Rockstar, Ruby Rabbit Partyware really is a one stop shop.

Little Boo Teek - one of the most extensive ranges of partyware on the web, [Little Boo Teek(/shop/warrandyte/vic/little-boo-teek/1510) has decorations to match any budget.

Love Board - want something a bit more quirky in terms of decorations? Love Board stocks amazing decorations with pop culture references - we just love!

Invite Me Shop - A partyware shop in Yarraville VIC, filled to the brink with all the bits and pieces you need to create an amazing event!

Favor Lane - one of the most beautifully stocked partyware shops, Favor Lane is filled with only the best brands and most incredible party products!

Paper Eskimo - If you want a matching set of paper plates, cups, straws and other party decorations, Paper Eskimo is your new go-to!

Don’t forget the kids party food!

Food is an important factor for any party, but when it comes to kid’s birthday parties, sometimes even more so! Most people know that some kids never seem to stop eating and one of the worst things that can happen at a party is to run out of food, so plan enough kids party snacks to ensure no one goes hungry. Once you’ve got your guest list and RSVPs, you can start thinking about how much food you’ll need.

“cake “cake

There are endless fun kids party food ideas to choose from, but to make it really personalised, you could match your kids party food to the theme of the party.

DIY or hire catering

If you’re making the kids party food yourself, think of easy-to-make, easy-to-eat foods, like party pies, sausage rolls, finger sandwiches, fruit, carrot sticks, fairy bread, cupcakes and chips. Don’t worry about making anything too fussy, as kids are generally happiest with the simplest party foods. And when it comes to the cake, if you’re a baking wiz make sure to give yourself enough time to bake and decorate it.

If cooking and baking isn’t your thing look into a catering service to provide the food for kids parties, or even ask a family member or friend if they wouldn’t mind helping you. And as for the dessert, there are plenty of amazing bakeries and cake shops that can create something special for your child’s birthday.

Healthy options and special requirements

Having a good balance of naughty snacks and healthy foods for the kids to eat is important to ensure the kids don’t just eat sweets. Often when you have fruit available kids will eat it without question.

Be sure to check if any of the kids coming have any allergies or special food requirements that you should know about. Include a question about it on the birthday party invites so parents can give you any information, then you can provide alternative party food and drink options for any kids that need it.  


Food for any adults coming

If you know that a few parents or even your own family members are coming along, it’s nice to have some food available for them too just in case. You don’t need to go crazy here - just offer a more grown up alternative to fairy bread for those who’d like it.

Catering Suggestions

For kids parties, some of our favourite food + dessert suppliers include:

LaManna Patisserie - Based in Melbourne, LaManna Patisserie is our go-to for birthday cakes and other treats to serve at a kids party.

Deliciously Yours - Carol is such a beautiful person to work with and will create bespoke birthday cakes and sweets to perfectly match your theme.

Bakedown Cakery -  bright coloured chocolate? Yes, please!

It’s all fun and games: kids party entertainment

Unless you're having the kids party at an activity venue where the entertainment is provided, it might be worth coming up with a few party games to keep the good times going. Now, kids are often very good at entertaining themselves, especially with friends around, but it doesn’t hurt to have a few kids party entertainment activities planned.

There’s always the classic kids party games like pass the parcel or musical chairs that kids love or you can come up with activities that suit the theme you’ve chosen.

Make a lasting impression with your kids birthday party

And if you’re really stuck, then let LENZO help you create a birthday party your kid will always remember!

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