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June 17, 2019

Balloon decorating ideas for kids parties

Oh, the humble balloon has come a long way since we were little, hasn’t it? One thing hasn’t changed, though – it’s still a staple decoration in most celebrations… especially kids parties!

Nowadays, there’s so many options and stylish balloons to choose from when it comes to decorating your space.


In the past year there’s been a huge trend in various balloon décor, from balloon garlands to tulle balloons, jumbo orb balloons, and more! This means decorating your child’s party with balloons has NEVER been more fun to plan!

So, let your imagination soar for your next little one’s celebrations as you check out these dreamy balloon setups:

1. Balloon numbers

You can either create a balloon cluster with your little one's age (see below) or go all out by writing their year of birth (or just reducing it to the last two digits!)

Photo credit: Giant balloon number 5 DIY: Oh Happy Day

2. Balloon installation

Create an on-trend 360 degrees backdrop with an explosion of colours using balloons above and around your space. Bonus: let the balloons float freely on the floor for an extra effect.

“lenzo Photo credit: Little Pineapple Neon with Moonshot Balloons

3. Mix and match balloons

We’ve also seen a trend towards mixing and matching balloons with other décor such as florals, greenery, tassels or honeycomb balls to create a stunning effect.

“lenzo Photo credit: Hugh Davies

4. Balloon table centrepieces

Fill a couple of balloons with helium, tie with some string and place them in the centre of your table to float just above the tablescape. So pretty!


Which one will you be trying at your kid's next birthday party?

Love, LENZO x



Written by Tanya Castellino from Life's Little Celebrations for LENZO / Edited by Maree Mikhaiel / Originally published 30.03.2017