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June 04, 2018

How to host a fun birthday with 5 simple kid's party food ideas

While your child and their party guests can’t resist a colourful bowl of fairy floss, chocolate freckles, and jelly beans, it’s the hosts who dread that sugar high (and inevitable crash!) There’s so many ways to make your kid's birthday party healthy without compromising on fun.

At LENZO, we still acknowledge that food at a kid’s party should be entertaining, so you don’t need to ban all sugar and carbs. You can still provide delicious treats that your child will enjoy (while making sure there’s no leftovers on their plates!) Here’s a few healthier alternatives to serve at your kid’s party from our friends at Sipahh:

1. Substitute fairy bread for popcorn

It’s everyone’s favourite triangle-shaped party treat, but the white bread drenched in butter and hundreds & thousands is not the healthiest of party foods to serve up. So, why not substitute fairy bread for popcorn?

The key is to look for low-calorie and high-fibre content on your popcorn labels. You can also add in some nuts, coconut shreds and dried strawberries for a colourful mixture (the trick is to put them in bright and fun-shaped platters so the kids are drawn to the food!)



Check out our DIY pop pourri recipe here on The LENZO Edit.

2. Substitute cordial/fruit juice for milk with Sipahh straws

Looking for ways to reduce the sugar consumption in cordial, fruit juice, or soft drinks? Try a milk-flavouring straw from Sipahh. With less than ½ teaspoon of sugar per straw and a variety of flavours to choose from, the kids will #LOVE this healthy milkshake.

(Hot tip: A party guest unable to enjoy dairy due to allergies? These Sipahh straws are just as delicious with milk substitutes!)




3. Substitute the candy bar for fruit kebabs

What’s colourful, enjoyable by both children and adults, and can be presented at kid’s parties in a fun way? Fruit sticks! All you need to do is get a colourful collection of grapes and berries, and arrange them onto a skewer by the colour of the rainbow.


4. Substitute the birthday cake for marshmallow icy pops

We know that kid's birthday cakes are the hero of desserts but why not start a trend with a cake substitute? As a healthier alternative to a red velvet + chocolate cake stacked with sprinkles, these DIY Sipahh marshmallow icy pops look (and taste!) delicious – we promise! Using just Greek yoghurt, strawberries, and marshmallows, after each candle has been blown out, swap with a Sipahh Hello Marshmallow straw and hand out to each guest for an individual treat.


Check out our DIY Sipahh marshmallow icy pops recipe on The LENZO Edit.

(If you really want to serve cake or cupcakes at your kid's birthday, opt for these healthier flavour alternatives:

5. Substitute chocolate bars for frozen carrot dips

Okay, so we’re being a little bit cheeky with this one, but as an alternative to chocolate bars, you can dip carrots (or bananas!) in chocolate icing and chill overnight for a delicious treat the next day! It’s the best of both worlds!


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