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November 20, 2018

We’re spotlighting our hardest working LENZO team member

As we’re fast approaching Christmas and wrapping up a truly stellar year, we’d like to share with you the most hardworking member of our #LENZOsquad: the one who is always behind the scenes getting it done yet never getting quite enough credit for their hard work. The one who accompanies us to every editorial and patiently waits on the sidelines until we’re ready to pack up. The one who makes our jobs so much easier by helping us get from A to B in comfort and style.

We’re talking about our humble Ford Transit Custom!


As a busy small business with a team that’s always on the go, Ford Australia challenged us to put the Transit Custom to the test. And we have done just that – December marks a full year of epic parties and projects that we were able to deliver, thanks to our favourite van.

Here are our favourite moments with our Ford Transit Custom:

  • Driving almost two hours out of Melbourne to the Yarra Valley at 6:00 AM but doing it in comfort, all thanks to the cushy seats and standard heated seats (Melbourne winter – are we right!?)
  • Beep beep! We loved being recognised while driving around town, all thanks to our on-brand and bold van logo. If you’ve seen us on the streets, it means we stand out from the crowd (just the way we like it!)
  • When we’ve spent a full day darting around town and needed to navigate the fastest way to various sites, we didn’t ever get lost – all thanks to our trusty in-built GPS.
  • Glassware. Fragile vases. And crystal Christmas baubles. Not to worry – our Transit Custom ensured we had a smooth driving experience on even the roughest of roads (no goods were harmed on these drives!)
  • With standard Apple CarPlay technology, we connected our phones instantly and got the party started with our LENZO playlist! Long road trip? We didn’t mind – not when Beyoncé was blasting out of van speakers!
  • A very generous amount of storage space in the back allowed us to safely and securely pack as many essentials as we needed for our editorials. Nothing ever got left behind!





Site visits, client meetings, and styling parties: a day in the life of a LENZO stylist is never dull! We’re just glad that even through all this unpredictability, we know our reliable Ford Transit Custom can handle all our needs!

Thanks for being our real urban warrior.

Love, LENZO x