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#MakeItCrafty with Spotlight: Tulle Tree DIY

November 14, 2016
#MakeItCrafty with Spotlight: Tulle Tree DIY

Want something different for your Christmas Tree this year? Want to step out of tradition? Want to be the #COOLfriend? Well then look no further than LENZO’s super cute Tulle Christmas Tree made in collaboration with Spotlight.

The tulle tree is a fun little project to keep you occupied during the #ChrissyCountdown and the best part is that you can totally customise this to suit your personal holiday season spirit through changing the tulle colour or the height of the tree – the power is in your hands!

Remember to Make It Crafty this Christmas lovelies!

Love LENZO x

WHAT YOU WILL NEED – All Available at Spotlight

  • 5m of mint netting (double layer)
  • 9m dowel rod
  • Papier Mache pot
  • Stanley knife
  • Hot glue gun
  • Tree topper
  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • Thread



STEP ONE: Heat up the hot glue gun, and ensure that you have something underneath to protect any surfaces.

STEP TWO: Turn the papier mache pot upside down and cut out a hole the circumference of the dowel in the centre of the pot.



STEP THREE: Once the hot glue gun is heated, put the dowel into the hole of the pot. Make sure it touches the end of the pot and glue around the dowel where it meets the pot. Leave to dry.



STEP ONE: Cut fabric into the following dimensions. ensuring the netting is double layered):

  1. 2 x (1.5m x 0.45m)
  2. 2 x (1.2m x 0.40m)
  3. 2 x (1.0m x 0.35m)
  4. 2 x (0.8m x 0.30m)
  5. 2 x (0.8m x 0.25m)
  6. 2 x (0.6m x 0.20m)
  7. 3 x (0.6m x 0.15m)
  8. 3 x (0.6m x 0.10m)


STEP TWO: Using a needle and thread, stitch about 2cm in from the long edge of the netting. Make sure to leave long threads at the start and end of the stitch.



STEP THREE: Pull on each of the ends of the loose thread to gather the fabric.


STEP FOUR: Knot these two ends securely together to create a circle. Slide this first piece onto the dowel rod. Repeat this step with each of the strips of tulle.




STEP ONE: Once all of the pieces of netting are on the dowel rod, fluff it so that all of the layers blend and hide the rod. If you feel like the tree needs more body, simply add in a few more layers of netting!

STEP TWO: Now add you decorations! We kept it simple and added rose gold bows around the tree and topped it with a silver star!





PARTYWARE, DECORATIONS, PROPS, CONCEPT Spotlight / STYLING Lenzo / PHOTOGRAPHY Kas Richards/ VIDEOGRAPHY One Heart Studios / VENUE XO Studios / MAKEUP Isabella Quinn / MODELS Sally B via Brazen Models, Arabella via Little Big Kirks / WOMEN’S CLOTHING Witchery Fashion  / WOMEN’S SHOES Bared / CHILDREN’S CLOTHING + ACCESSORIES Cotton On Kids