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#MakeItMerry with Spotlight: Setting the Perfect Table DIY

December 08, 2016
#MakeItMerry with Spotlight: Setting the Perfect Table DIY

Loving our Spotlight x LENZO Christmas series as much as we are? In light of our latest instalment, #MakeItMerry, LENZO are going to teach you how to set the perfect table.

With all the supplies from Spotlight, putting in that extra effort doesn't have to cost a fortune - all you need is a little time and love to put into your silly season celebrations!


Love LENZO x

STEP ONE: CONTRAST.  Choose a placemat or charger plate that will provide a colour contrast to your surface.

STEP TWO: CHARGER. On a special occasion when multiple courses are served, we love to incorporate a charger plate to add an extra element of sophistication and colour.  Ensure the charger is at least 3cm wider than your next plate to achieve the contrasting effect.

STEP THREE: NAPKIN. Add your napkin on top of the charger plate, folding it in the centre and allowing it to hang over the side of the table.

STEP FOUR: PLATES. Keep layering the smaller plates in the centre of the setting.

STEP FIVE: CUTLERY. Place the cutlery. We suggest positioning the cutlery on top of the charger plate to bring the look together.

STEP SIX: PRETTY DETAILS. Add the pretty details to your setting. We love a personalised touch at LENZO. The pretty details can elevate your setting from good to great. Work with your theme and add an element of wow to your place setting to ensure your guests have a merry time. This includes decorations like personalised name tags, sparkles, flowers and also bonbons.

STEP SEVEN: Bon apetit! Merry Christmas.

TIP: For a truly sophisticated look, don't over style the table by keeping accessories uniformed. Add an organic touch by scattering decorations such as BONBONS so each place setting is unique.





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