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April 06, 2016

Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend had surely never laid eyes on a raw sliced sapphire! Non-diamond engagement rings are the latest trend to hit the fashion world, and although they are a step away from tradition, we can't deny that we are loving where this is going!

If this sounds like a look you are leaning towards, our friends at Nouba Blog have selected some of the more unique rings on the market at the moment:

Watermelon tourmaline ring - Dream Collective for Free People

1 free people

Handcrafted morganite and yellow gold ring - Abbey Seymour

2 abby-seymour

Rhodolite Garnet Ring - Luxuring

3 Luxuring Rhodolite Garnet Ring

Australian sapphire & 18ct yellow gold - Tessa Blazey

4 tessa-blazey

Raw sliced sapphire ring - Stone Fox Bride

5 bluesapphirering-stonefox

Topaz pear cut ring - Belinda Saville

6 BelindaSaville-white-topaz

Dual stone opal and sapphire ring - Mary John

7 opal sapphire

Rutilated quartz rings - Natalie Marie

Unique engagement rings by Australian jewelers / rutilated quartz ring by Natalie Marie

Emerald and yellow gold ring - Ahhness

Unique engagement rings by Australian jewelers / Emerald ring by Natalia Milosz-Piekarska

Rose Quartz ring - Luxuring

10 Luxuring-rose-quartz

Citrine and yellow gold ring - Melissa Joy Manning for Free People

11 citrine free people

Black Spinel ring - Natalie Marie

Moonstone ring - Melissa Joy Manning

13 melissa-joy-moonstone


WRITTEN by Tamarin Morley (Nouba Blog) for LENZO / FEATURED PHOTOHeidi Gibson Designs