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March 24, 2017

We chat to the lovely Janelle and Samone from Cake Ink, a Melbourne based company revolutionizing both the cake AND stationery sector in events. Their company combines both of these creative fields, in order to create a truly cohesive look and feel to an event - and trust us when we say we #LOVE them!

Introduce yourself and Cake Ink.

Hello! We are Janelle (cake) and Samone (ink/stationery). We have been working together now for over 7 years, combining our passions for baking, great design and pretty things. Together we create beautifully detailed sugar and paper creations that complement each other, and over the years we have developed our own distinctive style where pretty meets playful, and quality and craftsmanship rule.

Why did you start Cake Ink?

Initially we started for fun – we created a personal and unique dessert tablescape for a friend’s engagement party, which then lead to us making her wedding invites and cake, and things escalated from there, booking many more jobs through word of mouth. Eventually we were able to leave our jobs to focus on Cake Ink and also raise our young families simultaneously – life is super busy, but filled with fun.

What gap in the party market does Cake Ink fill?

Combining our talents is what makes us unique, being able to create beautiful stationery that speaks volumes about the event, and to then coordinate it with a cake that continues the same design aesthetic and personality is pretty special – and it really adds that little “something” to a wedding, special birthday or large event – the little details are what we love to focus on, and its what guests’ often remember long after the party is over.

Why should Cake Ink be invited to a party?

We always bring the best gift!!

What do you find captivating about the world of events?

We love to ooh and ahh over the little details, and all the prettiness that evolves from such amazing design ideas – flowers, styling, venue, and of course yummy food are all important aspects of a great event and watching like minded vendors come together to create such a beautiful space for people to celebrate is really inspiring and invigorating.

Who are your go-to suppliers?

We can never say no to a Poppies for Grace accessory, and how incredible are their balloon installations?!?! We always get our fresh flowers from the lovelies at Mordialloc Florist, and we love to team them on a cake with the amazing and delicious hand made Ms Peacock’s Fine Chocolates.

What is your go-to party tip?

It’s your party – invite who you want, eat what you want, dance to what you want – it should be about you and while sometimes it’s nice to involve others in planning and be considerate of other’s ideals of a good time, ultimately the day should be about you!

What is in your party purse?

Lip balm, gum and probably a toy car or something one of the kids has snuck in there.

What is your go-to party outfit?

Either a classic LBD, or something bright and patterned in clashing colours with just-as-bright shoes and crazy earrings to match

Describe your dance floor style.

Think Elaine from Seinfeld… (Google it)

What story will be told about Cake Ink the day after the party?

Is there any cake left??? Please tell me there is some cake left?!


Images via Cake Ink