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March 25, 2019

LENZO gets up close and personal with the #FROSÉQUEEN

Yes way to frosé? All day, every day! The lovely Cherie from Carts and Containers has dropped by LENZO to talk about making your next celebration extra spesh …

What’s frosty, pink, and fun to drink? If you guessed frosé – aka frozen rosé – then you're correct! The ultimate summer slushie + wine combo, you can now hire a fully serviced frosé bar cart from Carts and Containers for your next event. Not feeling up to frosé? Not to worry - they've also recently developed a mojito or gin and tonic catering option, or a combination of both! (Seriously, is there anything Cherie hasn't thought of?)

However, Carts and Containers isn’t a one-trick pony: you can also hire carts + containers that offer espresso martinis, coffee, frozen yoghurt, lolly bars, ice cream, and so much more! And, did we mention their bars and carts are totally customisable to suit your theme, event, or brand activation? You are only limited by your imagination!

Today, we party with Carts and Containers. Get to know the woman behind the bar...



  • Besides my own, my favourite Instagram account is … Well, I would have to say LENZO! Before I listed with you last year, I was always browsing through your amazing content for inspo.

  • I never leave the house without … my phone and wallet

  • I want my Instagram profile to make people feel … inspired, excited, and that we can help our clients create unique and memorable experiences.

  • Growing up, my dream career was … to own a lolly and ice cream shop (which you could say is a bit similar to what we do!)

  • My style icon is … can’t say I have one.

  • My dream holiday destination is … I have actually travelled all around the world for different reasons, and I love all the places I have visited.


  • When I’m at a party, the first thing I notice is … the food (I am a dessert lover!)

  • The one song that gets me on the dance floor is … Where do I start? I love a good night out dancing!

  • My number one party tip is … try to create a unique experience that everyone will remember and keep talking about after the party has finished.

  • My party decoration must-have is … neon lights, balloon installations, and beautiful flower combos.

  • My favourite cake flavour is … Raspberry White Chocolate.

  • The day after the party, I want to be remembered as the one who … knows how to throw a good party and has the best food and drinks (which is usually the case haha!)


  • If I could describe my brand in three words, they would be … quality, unique experiences.

  • The inspiration behind starting my business came from … when I was working as a sports dietitian and food product developer. My aim was to make healthy food taste good and be good for you, whilst creating unique food experiences at events. Somehow, this evolved to now creating all types of food and drink experiences + activations for clients. The path where life takes you is funny!

  • The biggest misconception about my job is … that people assume it’s all fun and not hard work at all!

  • The most fun part of my job is … working with clients to create unique experiences and bring their ideas to life.

  • The best advice I can give someone wanting to start their own business is … work work work! Starting a business is hard work and you have to be persistent, dedicated, and never give up when things become tough. The rewards will come from all your hard work.

  • My business is unique because … it is only limited by the imagination. Our carts and containers are just beautiful and so versatile that they form the backbone to all our unique food and beverage experiences. We can really create any experience that our client is after due to our extensive experience catering large and small-scale events around Australia over the past 8 years.

Thank you for stopping by LENZO, Cherie! x