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August 18, 2017

Today we share our chat with one of our favourite Melbourne florists, Adam from Dahlia Fandango... Read on to get all types of inspired!

Introduce yourself and Dahlia Fandango.

I’m Adam the owner and florist of Dahlia Fandango, a concept studio for flower delivery and all types of events in Melbourne. Growing up, I spent most of my weekends and holidays either at a relative's farm or with my grandparents, where they had every type of plant imaginable growing. Eager to learn, I was a sponge, soaking up anything I could absorb about what came up from the ground. They entertained my passion and taught me as much as my little brain could take. I loved all things green, spending time connecting with nature, camping, foraging for new plants and gazing at the stars, wondering ‘how’ and ‘why’ to everything as most kids do. I never came home empty handed from the farm or grandparents...if it wasn't a new plant; it was another chook or more wood to extend my ever-growing shade-house. I even begged my parents to sleep out under the stars, so I could be with my plants (so they wouldn't die of course) and keep the neighbourhood cats from strolling in and having their late-night chicken supper.

Why did you start Dahlia Fandango?

I always knew I wanted to be among the botanical pieces of the Earth's puzzle... anything that involved climbing a tree or discovering something new and getting my hands dirty. I studied floristry some years ago, as the perfect way to mold my creativity to my green thumb. It was the perfect synergy of nature meeting art…my two passions.

One day, I had hiked to the top of a peak and looked down across the vast Mojave Desert in California with my partner. We were the only humans for miles, alone in our own undisturbed thoughts in this surreal and otherworldly paradise. It was then I decided it was time to venture out on my own and create my own botanical dream... an epiphany or light-bulb moment when other mundane thoughts disappear. I wanted to have a small boutique business that epitomized attention to detail and bespoke creativity for every person.

What gap in the party market does Dahlia Fandango fill?

A lot of my inspiration is derived from bygone eras… from Victorian to Edwardian, and even the 50s and 60s, given them new life and a brand new floral signature. I also like to bring back old blooms that have somewhat faded out of our mainstream world, reminding me of my roots, my grandparents and how I frolicked from one part of the garden to another. I like flowers to look undisturbed, bringing out their natural beauty and filled with lots of texture, sporting a slightly bohemian and vintage look.

Why should Dahlia Fandango be invited to a party?

Lots of good vibes and happiness. For something a little different, casual and inspired by times gone by.

What do you find captivating about the world of events?

It is such an evolving world and becoming more creative by the day. Trends are happening faster, especially with social media at our finger-tips…just a casual scroll through Pinterest and Intsa with my morning coffee and toast, I see something beautiful and bespoke being created all the time. It’s very inspiring.

In That Sense Photography / Lora Claire / Madeleine Goldsmith Makeup

Who are your go-to suppliers?

I have amazing relationships with wholesalers and local growers, whom always after me, whether I need a bunch of something difficult to get my hands on or a plethora of gorgeous botanicals. Often I want something a little off the grid and forage for unique gems. I’m often caught in the rain getting soaking wet, scaling a tin roof somewhere to get that perfect branch or stem. I dream of being an urban farmer to grow an abundance of different blooms in the near future.

What is your go-to party tip?

Have an escape plan…you never know.

What is in your party purse?

A phone…for the escape plan.

You are hosting a dinner party and you can only invite three guests – dead or alive. Who are they?

  • David Attenborough – a wealth of knowledge about all things in nature, a kind spirit and someone you could talk to for hours. I have incredible admiration and so many questions!
  • Bjork – down to earth, left of centre, truly creative and talented. I love people who see things differently and not fitting the generic mold.
  • My Partner – because experiences are best shared and we can talk about it for decades to come.

    What is your go-to party outfit?

    Not one for dressing up, I like to be comfortable. I would be happy in jeans and a nice t-shirt but I can be swayed on the odd occasion to put some dapper into the look. I love parties on the sand or on the grass where you can sport your bare feet and feel nature between your toes.

    Describe your dance floor style.

    My living room sans the coffee table would be my dance floor, wearing my pjs and consist of a style like no one is watching and a bit Kath Day-Knight.

    What story will be told about Dahlia Fandango the day after the party?

    They will be talking about how unique the party was and that it came together with ease. There will be smiles aplenty and good conversation recapitulating the lovely event had.


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