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May 24, 2018

Today, LENZO parties with Dann Event Hire, one of our favourite Melbourne go-to suppliers for fresh event furniture, unique props, and just about anything party-related!

A party’s just not a party without Dann Event Hire, which is why we’ve partnered with them in so many of our editorials, like our recent Mother’s Day celebration and Billie Judd’s Paw Patrol birthday. You could say we’re both #OBSESSED and #IMPRESSED with Dann Event Hire’s amazing collection of essential hire supplies!

So, we got up close and personal with Dann Event Hire to discover how and why they get invited to all the best parties…

“dann SHOP THE LOOK: amber feature wine goblet / brushed gold matte main knife / brushed gold matte main fork / pink muse chair “dann SHOP THE LOOK: amber eadie three seater lounge / pink lucienne pod ottoman

Q. Who is behind Dann Event Hire?

“As a forward thinking hire company, we specialise in cutting edge furniture, contemporary furnishings, feature lighting solutions, quality hospitality equipment and impressive marquee structures. Privately owned and established for more than 20 years. Nick and Francesca Gulino lead a team of over 100 employees.”

Q. What gap in the party market does Dann Event Hire fill?

“Designer focused, fresh furniture. Our furniture enables you to create your dream styled event! DEH designs and manufactures all our own pieces. We forecast trends enabling us to create new and exciting furniture and accessories annually.”

“dann SHOP THE LOOK: Ziggy Love lounge “dann SHOP THE LOOK: white velvet cushion / freestanding mesh screen / faux sheepskin throw / metallic knitted cushion / pink felt cushion / raw plywood service bar

Q. Why should Dann Event Hire be invited to a party?

“Dann Event Hire makes any party a memorable event! We make it fun! Our furniture inspires guests to be taken into the imagined world of the host. This is not a job to us: we do what we love. We are here to put a dent on the universe and leave our legacy behind!”

Q. What does Dann Event Hire offer/provide?

“At Dann Event Hire, we see possibilities and are driven by pushing boundaries and working outside our comfort zones to create the unimagined. We are able to provide furniture for any size event, whether it be a small lounge pod required for an entrance area or tables and chairs for a gala dinner. Our range of chairs, stools, high bar tables, dining tables, lounge furniture and more is unparalleled in the event industry.”

“dann SHOP THE LOOK: panelled food station return / black punch bowl / champagne saucer

Q. What’s the best thing about working with Dann Event Hire?

“A unique inbuilt culture allows our growing business to retain a small business mentality that keeps the team grounded and focused on what matters most: integrity, detail, and the customer. It is this philosophy that sets Dann Event Hire apart with the genuine care and attention to detail that others often miss.”

“dann SHOP THE LOOK: white wingback armchair / pink chesterfield three seater sofa / pink lucienne pod ottoman

Q. What is Dann Event Hire’s styling philosophy?

“We love nothing more than to work hand-in-hand with our clients to re-imagine spaces to excite and inspire. To create first impressions, then lasting memories.”

“dann SHOP THE LOOK: pink vintage trolley with canopy

Q. What has been some of Dann Event Hire’s favourite recent projects worked on?

“Dann Event Hire is involved in some of Australia’s most widely recognised hallmark events such as the Australian Open, Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix, and the Melbourne Cup Carnival. Equally, we are proud to work with bridal couples, families, and organisations big and small, to bring their dreams and brands to life.”

“dann SHOP THE LOOK: metal arch hire

Check out their latest collection here at Dann Event Hire!

Love, LENZO x