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June 02, 2017

One of our favourite Melbourne event stylists and event managers has to be En Pointe Events, who we have had a relationship with from the early days of LENZO! Learn more about their amazing business below:

Introduce yourself and En Pointe Events.

Hi ! We’re Kate & Rocco – cofounders, and active directors at En Pointe Events. Together with our small but expert team, we look after event management, creative & production for brands, high level corporates, private families and festivals. We’ve both been in the industry for 15 + years EACH and worked out that together we’ve spent 50,000 + hours working in and on events. We’re passionate about ensuring a seamless guest experience and bringing energy to events. After all, you only have one chance !

What are you guys known for?

We are known for expert project management, event design & style. Passionate foodies and Hospitality pros. Melbourne is home, Australia is our playground


What are your favourite types of events?

Our favourite types of events are:

  • Bringing brands to life – through activations, luxury experiences and En Pointe messaging
  • Launches ! Product, property, property, new offices – you name it
  • Bringing energy and style to corporate events – and transforming a boardroom !
  • Working in unique venues
  • Private parties for those special occasions.

    Why did you start En Pointe Events?

    We have worked together for almost seven years across businesses and always enjoyed so many laughs, read each other’s minds and together, come up with better outcomes for clients. Through our work at catering company, Bright Young Things, we saw the business evolve into far more than just food! We ended up helping clients with finding the perfecto location, styling and creative advice, set ups, wild food ideas, everything…. To the point that people were coming to us when they didn’t need catering or where they had booked a venue with inhouse caterers, but still wanted us involved. The opportunity to set up a business celebrating event management, creative and production was there, calling our names !

    Why should En Pointe Events be invited to a party?

    We bring the sparkle ! It’s time to take events to the next level – time is people’s most valuable resource – make sure you don’t waste it.

    What do you find captivating about the world of events?

  • The ever changing landscape
  • Creating fantasy worlds that only a select group will ever be exposed to
  • The temporary nature of events
  • Creating moments in history.
  • Pushing boundaries
  • Making peoples (guests) day better
  • Friendships we make along the way

    Who are your go-to suppliers?

  • Fireworks, confetti cannons & more – Hyper Group
  • Calligraphy – Graphic Quill
  • Event/Staff make up – Jessica Bell Make Up
  • Ice features – Ice Designs
  • Catering – Just Ask Us!

    What is your go-to party tip?

  • Ask if it is En Pointe, if it isn’t, start again!
  • The devil is in the detail
  • Get the music (and lighting) right – test it !
  • The right mix of guests
  • Don’t forget to ensure yourself

    What is in your party purse?

    Rocco : Always a lighter for candles

    Kate: Perfume! We often have to do a super speedy transformation from set up to glamour

    You are hosting a dinner party and you can only invite three guests – dead or alive. Who are they?

  • Iris Apfel
  • Walt Disney
  • The Obamas

    What is your go-to party outfit?

    Rocco : Bow tie – bring personality and can immediately transform look, at eye level so people always notice it
    Kate : Statement heels

    What story will be told about En Pointe Events the day after the party?

    The surprises ! The birthday moment… the unicorn on arrival… the custom sweet they received at the end of the night. How they pulled it off with style and flair, no detail overlooked, committed + hard working + going above and beyond. Attention to detail is always en pointe.

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