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April 11, 2017

We were fortunate enough to talk with the ever so talented and creative Kristy Mason from Figtree Wedding Photography. Keep on reading for her honest and profound anecdotes and make sure to check out more of her work in this bright colourful wedding:

Introduce yourself and Figtree Wedding Photography.

My name is Kristy, and I operate Figtree Wedding Photography. We currently have about 10 people working in our team in the office, and in the field. It’s such a fun, creative and dynamic business to be at the forefront of. We collectively shoot around 200 beautiful weddings a year.

Why did you start Figtree Wedding Photography?

I have always had a passion for weddings, and then I got into photography. Things just snowballed quite instantly for me and it seemed like the natural progression, and something that excited me, and an avenue that I was so keen to explore. I live in one of the most scenic, beautiful places on the East Coast of Australia – so the region is a mecca for amazing weddings.

Prior to finding my love of photography I was working in corporate marketing in finance (of all things!), and my creative light was slowly diminishing. I honestly just had a ‘life’s too short’ moment, took the plunge into my own business, and have never looked back.

I started Figtree in 2011, so we are in our 6th year of operation, and growing every month which is exciting and right now the sky is the limit.

What gap in the party market does Figtree Wedding Photography fill?

We have a studio filled with the right wedding experts, and I would like to think that the way we operate is a little different to others out there doing wedding photography. We aren’t a one-man band running the business, admin, shooting and editing. We have a dedicated expert assigned to each part of the wedding photography process and workflow, to ensure the maximum results for each and every one of our clients at every stage of their wedding photography journey.

Why should Figtree Wedding Photography be invited to a party?

The Figtree crew is fun-loving, dynamic, creative and ready to party. We are all cut from the same cloth when it comes to having a good time, and you will regularly hear us dancing around to some old school R& B in the office on Fridays. If only you could be a fly on the wall at our Christmas parties ;)

What do you find captivating about the world of events?

I think the most captivating thing for me is the evolution of events throughout Australia and the world. The trends are constantly changing, evolving and challenging everyone in the industry. We get to see incredibly creative ideas come together, and capture them as they happen. That’s pretty cool.

Who are your go-to suppliers?

Well, where we are located we are truly spoilt for choice. I feel like in this region we have some of the best cake artists, florists, planners and stylists in the world. I honestly can’t even begin to start with how good we have it here in the Tweed Coast.

What is your go-to party tip?

From a photography point of view, always get hair and makeup done. Not only does it look amazing in the photos, but it will help with your confidence at the party and in front of the camera.

What is in your party purse?

Recently one of my staff members bought me a personalized TDE clutch, that is now my party purse. I love it! Normally inside my TDE will be my iPhone 7+ (it has an insane camera to capture all those moments and insta stories), lip gloss, and business cards (you never know when you might meet a bride-to-be).

What is your go-to party outfit?

Right now I am completely in love with local faves Spell & the Gypsy Collective and Auguste The Label. We live in a laid back little coastal town, so beautiful prints are my absolute go-to. Something easy, that can be dressed up or down. Most of the party engagements in our area are long lunches, or daytime events to take advantage of the outdoors and our awesome climate.

What story will be told about Figtree Wedding Photography the day after the party?

We are so lucky that we get to be the last part of the puzzle to a wedding day once it is over. When we deliver that little USB of images, we are literally handing over memories and a story of a day that will be spoken about by the bride and groom, and their family and friends for years to come.

How awesome is it that we get to create images of memories that can stand still forever… that’s a pretty cool responsibility.


Images via Figtree Wedding Photography