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April 21, 2017

Okay, this may be the #GREATEST interview you will ever read, with the talented leader from our recent Disco Themed Birthday, Flowers by Brett Matthew John, shaking his groove thang about his creative business! Honestly, there is nothing more to say other than read on...!/i>

Q. Introduce yourself and Flowers by Brett Matthew John.


A. My name is Brett Matthew John Coles, and I’m a florist. 10 years ago I moved to the city of Melbourne for two things: labels and love (or should I say education and creative expression). After leaving a Business Management and Communication Design degree early, I found myself pondering my next big move. I found floristry, and in turn, found the light of my life.

After completing floristry studies, interning, and working at some of Melboune’s leading florists I decided to push myself creatively to open my very own empire: Flowers by Brett Matthew John.

Q. Why did you start Flowers by Brett Matthew John?

A. I wanted to create a concept brand of floristry where we produce creations that complement and complete celebrations, spaces and lives. From a classic single stem to lushly wrought bouquets and striking visual merchandising solutions, our talented team love creating floral arrangements that inspire and transport the individual.

Meet the team:

  • Brett (Creative director) - The Boss and visionary. AKA Brettoncé
  • Maddy (Head florist) - Fast on her feet and nails the job every time. AKA The Matador
  • Lauren (2nd head florist) - Sweet as sugar, gentle as a petal. AKA Lorenzo
  • Melissa (PR & Sales) - The girl next-door that kills them with kindness. AKA Honey Bee

  • Q, What gap in the party market does Flowers by Brett Matthew John fill?

    A. Flowers by Brett Matthew John, run by myself and my creative team are tackling floristry from a young approach with a fresh perspective. We specialise in flower crowns, wearable floral, and contemporary styling solutions. We aim to be the number one destination in Melbourne for on trend wearable floral, and one-off pieces that will wow your guests. #WOW

    We provide an affordable yet premium service, while supporting our local wholesalers and growers.

    Q. Why should Flowers by Brett Matthew John be invited to a party?

    A. Ain’t no party like a FBMJ party! (Yes, that was an S Club 7 reference #bornin94)

    Flowers by Brett Matthew John should always be invited to the party because it’s not a party without florals, especially wearable florals. There’s always #ALWAYS a reason for a flower crown or a pair of our fabulous flower earrings.

    Lets face it: it’s 2017. In today's world of dazzling events and social media, your mums good ol’ table cloth just doesn't cut it anymore. When you’re throwing a party, you want it to be the coolest event your guests have ever attended. At FBMJ we make that reaction happen. We make your event pop. #WOW *flipsflowercrown *beyoncépose

    Q. What do you find captivating about the world of events?

    A. I really enjoy working alongside other small business creatives to bring together one beautifully refined theme. It’s always so rewarding to see a happy customer in love with the product or environment, which we have created for them.

    I love how a flower crown can take someone from feeling like a Michelle to acting like a Beyoncé, ready to take on the world. #whoruntheworld #flowersbybrettmatthewjohn

    Q. Who are your go-to suppliers?

    A. I don’t snip and tell - I find that in all honestly it’s the foraged materials that are the greatest. #lovethyneighboursgarden #thanskforthesucculents and it’s these finds that nobody else is buying from market that set you aside from the competition. Always keep a set of snips and a bucket in the car as you never know what you might run into.

    I also love supporting local wholesalers and creating working relationships with them. It’s these relationships you can count on when you need a 1000 bunches for a job, or just the one bunch of a special import.

    Q. What is your go-to party tip?

    A. My ultimate party tip is always make sure the route home involves a burger, nuggets or a pizza. #nuggetsforlife #dontforgetthesauce #makeita10pack

    Q. What is in your party purse?

    A. I’m rather fond of the man-bag. A great fragrance is essential and is a HUGE part of the outfit for the night. I’m a man who likes a heavy floral or a circus fragrance. I’m usually draw to feminine fragrances as I find men's colones smell of alcohol. My all time go-to fragrance is Cheryl - Stormflower Noir. I have it shipped in from the UK and it’s a beautiful blend of rhubarb, brown sugar, and tuberose.

    Q. You are hosting a dinner party and you can only invite three guests – dead or alive. Who are they?


I’ve waited all my life for this question. YASSSSQUEEN

1: THE SPICE GIRLS: (the 1997 version of themselves) The Spice Girls were the soundtrack to my childhood and in all honestly my adult life also. They're the reason I’m the confident young man I am today. The Spice Girls taught me to love myself, be sure of myself and most importantly have a good time no matter what I’m doing #babyspiceforever

    Side Fun Fact: 
I have a collection of over 1000 Spice Girls items including CDs, Vinyls, Dolls, Chocolate, Chupa Chups, and promo material.

    2: DRAKE: Everyone loves a tall, dark, handsome and talented man who can communicate his feelings! #husbandmaterial #moveasideriri

    3: FRIDA KAHLO: The ultimate flower crown queen herself. What an incredible and wise woman - I’m sure she’d have lots to talk about and an amazing take on life. I’d love to chat with her about love, life and creative expression. My favourite quote of hers is, “Passion is the bridge that takes you from pain to change.”

    *Carrie Bradshaw would have been number 4 but ultimately she was cut to make room for Drake. #savage

    Q. What is your go-to party outfit?

    A. I love a great tailored short and shirt set (they HAVE to be matching) paired with a great set of shoes. I love to express my personal style and you’ll best believe nobody will be in the same outfit as me. I’m very big on floral prints so you’ll usually find a floral print worked into the look somewhere.

    Q. Describe your dance floor style.

    A. Imagine Kylie Minogue’s ‘Spinning Around’ music video meets Britney’s ‘Slave 4 U’ meets ‘Single Ladies’ by Queen B. #hotmess

    In all honesty I only dance in the shower or while I'm doing the ironing - you’ll find me at the bar deep in conversation. I hold myself very well in public, but like to twerk it out at home. I don’t want to brag, but I think i’m the only person who can seductively iron a shirt.

    Go to playlist includes '90s/'00s pop/R&B - love me some Janet, Britney, Christina, Ashanti, and Brandy.

    Q. What story will be told about Flowers by Brett Matthew John the day after the party?

    A. “Who was that well-dressed man in the incredible flower crown?”

    “Where do I get one of those amazing flower crowns?”

    “Who was the man that ate all the pizza?”

    “Who was that man who knew all the Spice Girls lyrics?”



    Images via Flowers by Brett Matthew John