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May 22, 2019

LENZO gets up close and personal with the #PARTYWAREQUEEN

Imagine if you were planning a themed party for your little one, and wanted to find all the essentials in the one place, quickly. Well, thanks to Manga from KF Party Couture, it’s now easier than ever to style a party from your own home!

Whether it’s Disney’s Frozen or a Spiderman, Mermaid or Unicorn party, KF Party Couture is the destination to find everything you need to create a cohesive celebration. Offering a range of stylish products for every party and budget, your toughest decision will be choosing which colour palette to go with! In fact, KF Party Couture has everything you need, right down to the kid’s unique party favours to suit your chosen theme.

Today, we party with Manga from KF Party Couture. Get to know the woman making your parties even prettier with all the essentials …



  • Besides my own, my favourite Instagram account is … Elsa’s Wholesome Life – it gives me food and travel goals

  • I never leave the house without … my phone

  • I want my Instagram profile to make people feel … happy & inspired

  • Growing up, my dream career was … anything to do with travel! I basically wanted to be paid to travel LOL

  • My style icon is… Alessandra Ambrosio

  • My dream holiday destination is … Cuba. It’s such an amazing country to experience


  • When I’m at a party, the first thing I notice is … the decorations – I’m the one who really takes in the whole room and notices all the details

  • The one song that gets me on the dance floor is … Single Ladies – Beyoncé

  • My number one party tip is… bring wine!

  • My party decoration must-have is … balloons: such a classic, but there’s so many ways to use them and they really make a party

  • My favourite cake flavour is … chocolate on chocolate on chocolate

  • The day after the party, I want to be remembered as the one who … laughed the most


  • If I could describe my brand in three words, they would be … stylish, passionate, and authentic

  • The inspiration behind starting my business came from … having kids and not wanting to return to the 9-5! Whilst this was a big part, I also really got into planning their birthday parties and enjoyed it so much that it inspired the business

  • The biggest misconception about my job is … that it’s easy!

  • The most fun part of my job is … sourcing and buying new products for the website

  • The best advice I can give someone wanting to start their own business is … do your research! It’s hard work, but if it’s doing something you love, it’ll all be worth it

  • My business is unique because … we have quite a broad range of products, and incorporate a lot of party favours, which can be hard to find on other party websites or in stores

Thank you for stopping by, Manga! X