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April 28, 2017

Ever since LENZO first started, we have been utterly obsessed with the queen of dessert, Caroline Khoo of Nectar and Stone. We are so excited for the next step in her culinary journey, a recipe book titled 'I'm Just Here For Dessert', so much so that we have featured a few of her recipes and are giving you all a chance to win 1 of 5 copies of the book.

Introduce yourself and your new book, ‘I’m Just Here For Dessert.’

Hi, I am Caroline Khoo and author of “I’m Just Here For Dessert”.

Why did you start ‘I’m Just Here For Dessert’?

After four years of working as a dessert designer and teaching myself new skills, methods and techniques, I felt it was the right time to share my journey and experience with my community.

I have become a role model to many young aspiring bakers, high school students and entrepreneurs starting business so I also feel that this helps give inspiration and guidance to them.

Why should the yummy desserts from your new book be brought to a party?

Desserts from my book are simple and pleasing to the eye. They have been designed in layers so as to build skill, technique and building your own story. So if you are looking for something with impact, presence, conversation starter, then I think this would be why you might want to make something from the book.

What is your go-to dessert and cocktail from the book?

Dessert wise, I will always respond with macarons as they are a crowd pleaser and you can easily create many different flavours without causing too much stress on yourself.

For a girly drink – Pink Tequila is my choice, it has impact, pretty and styled with some lovely gold straws and edible flowers - it really makes a lovely statement.

What made you fall in love with creating beautiful desserts?

Having a fashion background experience and being in love with colours, textures and patterns was the foundation I think in setting me up to love the similarity dessert can bring. I am a sweet tooth at heart so I seemed to find a nice balance between the two and tell my story through it.

What do you find most captivating about the world of events?

This is an interesting question. I think that when people come together to celebrate something – whether small or big, there is a feeling, a spark, a love, a memory. I can’t describe how that makes me feel when I attend events like this other than bliss. It makes me very happy to see people enjoy themselves. My mother taught me this.

You are hosting a dinner party and you can only invite three guests – dead or alive. Who are they?

Oh gosh that is such a hard one to answer.

I would like to invite my two grandmother’s as I only met them once in my life.

I would like to invite Maggie Beer as I have always looked up to her as a cook.

What is your go-to party tip?

KEEP IT SIMPLE!!! Stick to a simple theme and less is always more.

What is in your party purse?

Straws, balloons, confetti and always something sweet.

What is your dance floor style?

I love to dance, hands in the air and I just don’t care.

What story will be told about Nectar and Stone the day after the party?

I think most people would say simple and relaxed. I like to keep things really easy so that I can spend as much time with guests as possible. This means that food and dessert wise, things are really easy to eat, sometimes interactive too – great conversation starter.


Images from I'm Just Here for Dessert by Caroline Khoo (Murdoch Books, RRP $39.99)