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April 27, 2019

LENZO gets up close and personal with the #PYJAMAQUEEN

PJs and trashy TV, anyone? The snug + comfortable Dee from Posy Sleep Co. has dropped into LENZO to talk about how you can look like a million bucks in your pyjamas…

If you’re anything like us, you would love nothing more than to live in your PJs, watch Netflix and, well, chill. National Pyjama Day falls on 19 July, but we don’t need an excuse to stay in our jammies all day… not when you’re in a Posy Co. pyjama set!

With a super soft feel, lightweight material, and the perfect drape to help you look your best, Posy robes and pyjamas are made to feel beautiful in. And, with gorgeous patterns featuring peonies, roses, and hydrangeas (to name a few), they’re also incredibly stylish to live in, too!

Today, we party with Posy Sleep Co.. Get to know the designer who is revolutionising sleepwear as we know it…



  • Besides my own, my favourite Instagram account is … Party with LENZO, of course!

  • I never leave the house without … my phone

  • I want my Instagram profile to make people feel … like they want to wear pyjamas all day

  • Growing up, my dream career was … running my own business

  • My style icon is… Olivia Palermo

  • My dream holiday destination is … Bali


  • When I’m at a party, the first thing I notice is … whether there is cake or not

  • The one song that gets me on the dance floor is … anything by Beyoncé

  • My number one party tip is … lots of ice buckets!

  • My party decoration must-have is … a piñata

  • My favourite cake flavour is … Red Velvet

  • The day after the party, I want to be remembered as the one who … hit the dance floor first


  • If I could describe my brand in three words, they would be … playful, classic and chic

  • The inspiration behind starting my business came from … I was in the era of weddings and babies, and all other robe-worthy times of my life, when I noticed a gap in the market for robes that were good quality, the right cut, and a beautiful print. It seemed at least one of those factors was always missing. Tired of compromising, I decided to go out and design my own. Hence, Posy was born!

  • The biggest misconception about my job is … “working for yourself is easy”

  • The most interesting part of my job is … seeing all the locations of where my parcels are being sent. It’s incredibly satisfying knowing a Posy robe or set of pyjamas are en route to a customer on the other side of the globe!

  • The best advice I can give someone wanting to start their own business is … back yourself and just go for it!

  • My business is unique because … of my customer service. Every enquiry that is answered, every email that is sent, parcels packed, and items shipped are all done so by yours truly.

Thank you for stopping by, Dee! X