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June 30, 2018

Get to know the business that could be designing your signage for your next event!

Today, LENZO parties with Sketch & Etch Creative, one of our fave go-to Melbourne suppliers for the freshest, most on-trend signage pieces for events.

We LOVE Sketch & Etch’s work so much that their incredible products have been featured in our past 5 editorials, including our most recent romantic pastel winter wedding.

Learn more about their amazing business below!

“LENZO SHOP THE LOOK: timber etched sign

Introduce yourself and your business.

"We are Sketch and Etch, wedding and event signage extraordinaire! We design and create everything from personalised cocktail mixers to menus, cut out lettering, neon signs, event signage, and even our famous wishing wells.

All our products are curated from the minds of our incredible clients and stylists, in collaboration with our very own in-house design team and production team who bring the work to life! We are constantly pushing the boundaries and on the hunt for the next big thing, to bring your events to life. There’s nothing we can’t do!"


“LENZO Images by Kas Richards

Why did you start your business?

"We started out as a traditional laser cutting service, and we were curious to see what else we could do by incorporating great design and we saw a gap in the market when it came to event signage. It’s our love and passion for innovative designs together with the use of the latest technology, that has enabled Sketch and Etch to be positioned as industry leaders in the party, events and wedding world."


“LENZO SHOP THE LOOK: acrylic menu

What gap in the party market does your business fill?

"We realised that people wanted to be creatively involved in the process of styling events, and there was wasn't anyone who would take them through designing the finer details, like signs. So, we made it a reality: now our Client Experience Managers guide our clients through the entire process, from design conceptualisation right to the finished product.

As a result of our collaborative approach with our clients, we have an insight on the current demands of the market and forecasted trends. Our famous wishing well is a great example of a gap in the market and has now allowed us to fulfil our client needs or personalisation and style matching."

“LENZO Image by Michael Rees-Lightfoot

Why should you and your business be invited to a party?

"We are the people that enhance a party by bringing love, laughter and design to elevate the ordinary to the extraordinary!"

Who are your go-to suppliers?

"We work with so many incredible teams that it would be hard to pinpoint just one! However, we would always recommend having a great stylist and photographer on board for your event to get the most out of your special day and a way to reflect back upon it afterward."

What is your styling philosophy?

"We love colour and design, and there are so many incredible colour pallets that can transform any event. Pair with some amazing design and Sketch and Etch signage and you're party-ready!"

“LENZO SHOP THE LOOK: acrylic mirrored welcome sign “LENZO

You’re a new addition to the crayon box: what colour would you be and why?

"We love colour so I don't know how we could pick just one!"

What have been some of your favourite projects that you have recently worked on?

"It’s incredibly difficult to have favourites as everyone brings their own style and personality to each creation. However, if we had to highlight a few it would be the Neon City outline for a recent wedding, the book launch of The Baby Bible by Bec Judd, and the Holden event for Masterchef."


“LENZO SHOP THE LOOK: acrylic cut out drink stirrers

What story will be told about you the day after the party?

How we added that special personalised element to their day by designing and creating something unique just for them, that then doubled up as a keepsake for years.



Are you as #OBSESSED with Sketch & Etch as we are? Then check out their amazing products below!