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April 10, 2019

LENZO gets up close and personal with the #FLOWERQUEEN

Obsessed with pretty things? The ambitious Stasia from Stasia Fox Flowers & Events has dropped into LENZO to talk about all the pretty little details…

You'd be hard-pressed to find a twenty-something more motivated than Stasia Fox. With a finger in every pie, she's a very busy bee: but she's not spreading herself thin. She puts 110% effort in every part of her multifaceted business, which includes everything from flowers to event styling, balloons, catering, and more. And, with a new website and online store launching in May 2019, we predict she's going to be busier than ever!

Today, we party with Stasia Fox Flowers & Events. Get to know the woman who is singlehandedly revolutionising the events industry, one petal at a time.



  • Besides my own, my favourite Instagram account is …

    Gary Vaynerchuk – for business inspiration and motivation

    Jennifer Lopez – for fitness inspo – how does she look like that at almost 50!?

    Frenchie World – they’re sooo adorable!

  • I never leave the house without … my phone, keys and wallet

  • I want my Instagram profile to make people feel … impressed by our work – as we are so passionate about what we do – and inspired to hire us for their next event!

  • Growing up, my dream career was … to be a professional singer

  • My style icon is … Jessica Alba and Rozalia Russian. However, more than any celebrity or individual, I actually feel most inspired by street style. Melburnians and Londoners are my fave!

  • My dream holiday destination is …

    Bali & Mexico for relaxation

    London & New York for city vibes

    Italy for the food


  • When I’m at a party, the first thing I notice is … the flowers & décor, and if they serve Amaretto Sours or Espresso Martinis at the bar

  • The one song that gets me on the dance floor is … ‘Crazy in Love’ by Beyonce & Jay Z

  • My number one party tip is … enjoy it! When I was younger, I would constantly go to the bathroom to check that my hair and makeup was perfect. I would even sometimes take a brush and a hair straightener with me. As soon as I stopped worrying about that, I started to have a lot more fun!

  • My party decoration must-have is … flowers! They can add elegance or playfulness depending on the style. People always comment on great flowers.

    Styled food is also a must-have. No matter how great the food tastes, it makes so much more of a statement if you have a styled buffet or really polished servingware. Be gone the days of the tin foil disposable catering trays!

  • My favourite cake flavour is … Red Velvet with cream cheese frosting

  • The day after the party, I want to be remembered as the one who … looked fabulous and gave a beautiful + thoughtful gift!


  • If I could describe my brand in three words, they would be … polished, customer-focused, and creative

  • The inspiration behind starting my business came from … following my passion rather than worrying about what I ‘should’ do as an occupation

  • The biggest misconception about my job is … that it’s ‘so great to play with flowers all day.’ Unfortunately, we don’t ‘play’ with flowers: people don’t often realise that it’s a very physical job that requires focus and expertise regarding flower care, as well as a good eye.

  • The most fun part of my job is … when clients love the final result. I pretty much live for the high that I feel when I get a call, text, or email the following day after an event with positive feedback. I go above and beyond to make sure everything is perfect. I am really hard on myself and will never be satisfied until I get their tick of approval.

  • The best advice I can give someone wanting to start their own business is … it is harder than you might think, but also even more rewarding. And you will make mistakes and that is okay. Any honest business owner will tell you that they are always learning, no matter how long they have been in the game.

    It’s also very important to adapt. You can’t get too idealistic or focused on how you want your business to be. You need to read the market, listen to customers, and adapt accordingly.

  • My business is unique because … we offer a range of services, including flowers, styling, event stationery, balloons, prop hire, and catering. We invest in relationships with our clients to make the event planning process as easy as possible.

    We also have the retail arm of our business via our Hawthorn East boutique and online store where you can find the perfect gift, hamper, or bunch of flowers if you want to treat yourself, a client, or someone special.

Thank you for stopping by LENZO, Stasia! x