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September 17, 2018

Get to know the creative marketing team behind your next activation

Looking for a creative marketing agency that will live and breathe your brand in order to represent it the way it should be? Then you need to meet Ten Hats Agency…

Not quite a staffing agency but not quite stylists either, think marketers, decision makers, accountants, counsellors, mothers, wives, husbands (well, we think you get the picture!) all rolled into one!

Just like their name suggests, the team wears many hats. From managing pop-up activations to driving sales, through to the distribution of stock and even providing timber stands with custom branding, they’ve got you covered. They even handpick and train their staff to represent your brand for your corporate launch (seriously, is there anything they can’t do?!)

Their recent project had them working with the ACC (Adelaide Convention Centre), where they were invited to style the Hot 100 Winter Wine Festival. The team were asked to turn the convention centre into an indoor winery, which they effortlessly achieved – check out their photos now!


The challenge was to make the space functional, as well as hit all the sensory receptors that accompany a visit to a winery: think smell, taste, sight and hearing.

HIRE: boutique timber stand

Fresh and modern foliage was used to create the South Australian feel of a subtle and rustic winery, and the feminine colour palette was chosen to accentuate the natural shades of a wine. A bonus feature was that you could smell the foliage/gum that was positioned at the top of the stand as you tasted each wine.


And now, for a little bit of background behind the creative geniuses…

Introduce yourself/your business

“Hello. We are Ten Hats Agency. We are Stacey, Bianca, and the Ten Hats tribe.

We are humbled to be part of the brand journey of your event or activation by creating something that is unique to your brand story, so that others can experience it authentically.

We have over 15 years of experience in the events/hospitality, retail/marketing, and operations industry, and we love what we do!

Our energy is contagious, so whether we are working on a small event or big-scale festival or production, we buzz with that ‘organised chaos’ feel to get everything ready!”

Why did you start your business?

“We started Ten Hats Agency at the end of 2015, after working for some corporate giants. After being made redundant, we discovered that we couldn’t work without each other (at this point we had worked on over 200 events together), and so the creative spark began.

It was imperative that the yin and yang energy of our personalities remained together, because as a team, we are firecrackers who laugh a lot but are hard workers.”

HIRE: promotional staff

What gap in the market does your business fill?

“We would say that the market we fill is really a fusion between creative marketing, pop up activation, and staffing. We roll all these services under the one umbrella. Anything that needs to be done in preparation and execution of an activation or campaign, we can fulfil. So, you don’t have to go through many chefs in the kitchen (so to speak) to get the job done – that’s all on us!”

Why should Ten Hats be invited a party?

“We are so fun and we really bring the crazy imagination to the yard. It’s all about the experience and the creation of surprise!”


What does Ten Hats offer?

  • Pop-up stands: We hire and create pop-up stands for small to full-size activations
  • Staffing: We provide amazing staff to your requirements, whether it’s for a demonstration, activation, or campaign
  • Campaign kickstarter: We create and execute the campaign or event for you from start to end, if you are stretched for time

HIRE: timber activation stand

What’s the best thing about your job?

“We can be ourselves – we’re humble, authentic, and creative – and we love working with so many people from different walks of life. We are very lucky to be able to work with some awesome brands that ‘get’ us as much as we ‘get’ them.”

What’s your styling philosophy?

“Our styling philosophy is really about the core of our brand. It’s not just about being pretty – it needs to serve a purpose, have an objective, and achieve the goal of why we are doing this whole event in the first place.

We want WOW, but we want people to feel part of the brand club, so we bring out the details and essence of the event through our styling. We think to ourselves, ‘If that brand has a taste, what would it be? If it had a colour, what would it be?’ We want to touch all senses!”

HIRE: bump in/bump out crew

You’re a new addition to the crayon box: what colour would it be, and why?

“A turquoise leopard-print crayon that sparkles with neon lighting while you draw! (because, why not be a little different and quirky?)”

What have been some of Ten Hats Agency’s favourite recent projects worked on?

“We love all our projects that we work on, purely because each one really pushes our creative and logistical ability. Getting the crew together and really putting all our ten hats on so we can make amaze-balls happen is what we live for!

Every project is so unique and we love building that relationship with our client + the brand to bring out its true colours and story. All brands have a great story and vision!”

What story will be told about you the day after the party?

“That we don’t stop and that we continue to push boundaries!”


Still can’t get enough? We don’t blame you! Take a look at their fabulous feed on Insta @tenhatsagency to stay in the loop of the exciting adventures of the Ten Hats tribe!