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April 01, 2019

LENZO gets up close and personal with the multi-award winning team

Love fresh blooms as much as we do? Alyssa and Rosie from Thrive Flowers & Events have dropped by LENZO to talk about creating beautiful memories through their floral displays… #notyouraverageflorist

Meet Alyssa (Floral Designer) and Rosie (Creative & Marketing Consultant): when they’re not creating stunning works of art with nature for a special occasion, they’re continuously sourcing the latest floral trends to bring a one-of-a-kind experience to a wedding, engagement party, or corporate event.

Today, we party with Thrive Flowers & Events. Get to know the women who can bring you an amazing floral experience each and every time...



  • Besides our own, our favourite Instagram account is … Loose Leaf or myplantlifebalance

  • We never leave the house without … sunnies, lip balm, and hand cream

  • We want our Instagram profile to make people feel … the diversity of what we can create

  • Growing up, our dream careers were …

    Alyssa: Artist

    Rosie: Marine Biologist

  • Our dream holiday destinations are …

    Alyssa: Scotland

    Rosie: Crete


  • When we’re at a party, the first thing we notice is … the guests, décor and florals

  • The one song that gets us on the dance floor is … anything by Queen!

  • Our number one party tip is … go for one with water (we’re still learning this tbh!)

  • Our party decoration must-have is … ambient lighting

  • Our favourite cake flavours are …

    Alyssa: Choc orange

    Rosie: Choc berry

  • The day after the party, we want to be remembered as the ones who … showed up late but had so many great convo’s and laughs, busted some awesome moves, and then left to go back to work!


  • If we could describe our brand in three words, they would be … dynamic, eco-conscious, flexible

  • The inspiration behind starting my business came from … an assumption followed by a suggestion…

  • The biggest misconception about our job is … that it’s “easy” and we “just play with flowers”

  • The most fun part of our job is … onsite set-ups: the buzz, the adrenaline of all the suppliers coming together to make it happen, and bringing the concept into reality

  • The best advice we can give someone wanting to start their own business is … be prepared! Perhaps start with a business plan, rather than an assumption followed by a suggestion!

  • Our business is unique because … We’re best friends and have been for longer than we’ve run a business together. We work so well as a team and it means you get a two-for-one deal. There’s all the knowledge and love and support from both of us working to produce the floral magic we create. We’re both as equally invested in nailing each and every brief.