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July 06, 2017

No major occasion can be celebrated without beautiful event stationery. It's one of LENZO's favourite elements when it comes to planning a wedding or a party. So if you are looking for an incredibly pretty piece of stationery from invitations, place cards, menus and seating charts for your wedding or engagement party then you simply #MUST check out White Ink Design Co..

Introduce yourself and White Ink Design Co.

Hello, my name is Teneale, I’m the owner/creative director of White Ink Design Co. I’ve been working professionally as a graphic designer since I completed my graphic design degree six years ago and have been operating White Ink Design Co for 2 years which has just flown by. I love doing anything creative as my passion for graphic design stemmed from my initial interest and love for art and illustration. Even when I’m relaxing I always seem to have the need to be doing something creative, whether it’s practising my hand lettering, drawing, pinterest-ing for new design ideas or instagramming - which I probably spend way to much time on.

Why did you start White Ink Design Co?

It was always a goal of mine to have my own graphic design business so that I could have the freedom to create designs that are a true reflection of my own style and personality. I’ve also always loved everything about weddings and the joy that they bring to people so for me getting the opportunity to be apart of my clients special day is my idea of a dream job.

What gap in the party market does White Ink Design Co fill?

Primarily we work with brides creating their full range of wedding stationery from engagement and wedding invitations, save the dates to ‘day of’ stationery, seating charts, menus, place cards, all the way through to thank you cards. We offer a wide range of designs from feminine, pretty watercolour floral stationery pieces, through to clean, classic, simple and modern designs. I’d best describe Whink Ink Design Co’s stationery style as simple and modern with touches of ‘pretty’. We also offer fully custom designs as well.

Why should White Ink Design Co be invited to a party?

We should be invited because you know that all of your stationery and signage will be beautifully designed with love and attention and will be consistent with the style and tone of the event. The best thing about using White Ink Design Co for your event is we can do anything and everything stationery related from place cards and table menus to large more extravagant signage pieces (think extra large drinks menu hanging above the bar!)

What do you find captivating about the world of events?

I love that no two events of clients are the same! Individual style and tone changes between clients and that’s what keeps my job so interesting. I’m one of those people who embrace chance, I like trying out the latest trends and incorporating them into new design ideas but still maintaining that ‘simple and pretty’ White Ink Design Co style we’re known and loved for.

Who are your go-to suppliers?

I am lucky enough to get to work with so many amazingly talented vendors and creatives Australia wide on both real weddings / events as well as in styled shoot collaborations.The list is a long one, I could literally list 100’s.

What is your go-to party tip?

Keep the style of the event consistent. Create a theme or style and have fun with it, get creative, do some Instagram or Pinterest research and create a little mood board on your event which will help give you a better idea on how all elements will look and work together. Look for vendors that work with and have a similar style to what you are wanting to achieve, it’ll make for a more cohesive and well put together event or wedding if your vendors all have similar taste and style.

What is in your party purse?

My handbag literally has everything and anything in it so weighs a ton. I think most females can relate to that. You can find just about everything in there from lip balms / lipsticks, hair lackies, 10,000 bobby pins, a water bottle, a mirror and my beloved iphone, never go anywhere without the iphone.

What is your go-to party outfit?

Anything pretty and feminine, I’m such a girly girl. You can probably tell that just from looking at White Ink Design Co’s instagram page. It’s all blush, floral and pretty, so that’s a pretty good representation of my own personal style. So my go-to party outfit would definitely have to be a pretty playsuit or dress with simple heels and jewellery.

Describe your dance floor style.

I’m not the sort of person to jump up and dance, I’m actually really shy when it comes to things like that, I embarrass easily! So my husband is just about the only person I’d let witness my un-co dance moves.

What story will be told about White Ink Design Co the day after the party?

How easy the process was to organise the stationery and how beautifully the stationery complimented and kept in line with the style of the event.

Love LENZO x