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September 05, 2019

The party game from Poppies For Grace that goes off with a blast!

How do you ensure everyone has a blast at your birthday? With a NERF target game, of course!

If you’re overcome by NERF fan fever from our latest editorial, it’s time to pump up the adrenaline at your next party with this fun idea from Poppies For Grace.

See how easy it is to create a NERF target game in the DIY video below, or follow our step-by-step guide to blast your way to extreme fun on the big day!

What you will need:

NERF Target Banner

NERF banners

NERF bunting

Assortment of NERF colour-themed balloons

String to secure balloon garland

Blu Tack, sticky tape or pins to secure NERF elements

How to make a DIY NERF target game

Step 1: Place your NERF Target Banner outside on a tree trunk. Secure with nails or tape.

Step 2: Start creating a balloon garland by twisting the knotted end of a small, medium and large air-filled balloon together.

Step 3: Clump the balloons together, as you like, to create a garland!

Step 4: Accessorise the area with NERF banners and buntings.

How to make a DIY NERF target game

Step 5: Secure your balloon garland around the NERF Target banner with string.

Step 6: Ready, aim, fire!

How to make a DIY NERF target game

How to make a DIY NERF target game

Is your NERF superfan celebrating a birthday soon? Stay tuned to The EDIT for our series of NERF DIY videos over the coming weeks, or head to Big W now to recreate the full NERF party experience at home!


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