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March 01, 2015

Partyware is a fashion industry of its own, shaping the landscape of what is on-trend and in style. In particular is the rise of the online boutique businesses, which sell fashionable merchandise to serve an often specialised and sophisticated clientele, who are just as passionate about parties as they are fashion and interiors.

Ruby Rabbit Partyware is the brainchild of mum of two, Alexandra. Her website launched in July of 2013 is a stunningly beautiful and easy to use online party boutique designed with you in mind. The site encompasses all things 'PARTY', stocking some of the finest brands including Meri Meri, Poppies for Grace, The Flair Exchange and Sucre Shop. The end product is an online boutique filled with hand-sourced, distinctive and unique products that inspire. The site is packed with ‘Theme Categories’, and in her words:

“Just a click and your hand-packed parcel will arrive safely at your doorstep."

In just over 18 months since launch, the site has almost 9,000 followers on Instagram and is nearing 7,000 likes on its Facebook page. Accompanying its website, Alexandra also has a dedicated Pinterest page which is headed down the same track. Why? Because Alexandra is damn right passionate, successfully combining her love of online shopping together with some gold glitter and party accessories thrown in as well.

As a youngster, her birthday fell during the winter season and she remembers wearing a big patchwork party skirt to the style of the 70s. For her, the most memorable part was when it came time to blow out her birthday candles. With people belting out “Happy Birthday”, Alexandra’s eyes watched as the flames danced along to the chorus. She always took a big bite of her cake slice – much to the amusement of everyone present. Thus born was her desire to entertain. Fast track to her adult years, her natural talent for organising along with her keen eye for detail enabled her to turn her passion into a professional career as an events manager at the Star Casino in Sydney.

The ultimate vision of Ruby Rabbit Partyware is that it is something for everyone to enjoy. If it can bring a sparkle to your eye, and a smile to the guests of any party event you may be hosting,  then it has successfully achieved its goal.

Alexandra herself finds inspiration by discovering novel products online. She follows party blogs and industry magazines and collaborates closely with designers, to create a unique and special event. You may be surprised to know that frequently, the visuals and colours of kids décor stirs up her imagination. Right now, giant balloons and gold coloured glitter is the new IT thing in party accessories. She says that often, "a giant balloon will get that jaw-dropping look from by passers. You can expect silver to make a quiet return to the limelight, along with simple and soft colours setting the tone for most of the year - but with a twist of quirkiness" - which Alexandra says never fails to make one smile.

So where is Ruby Rabbit Partyware headed in the next five years? Alexandra has a number of plans, which includes making the move from Perth back to Sydney with her family. While maintaining her online boutique, she hopes to one day open a bricks and mortar store for all to enjoy her passion along with her. If you are looking for some perfect party inspiration, then Alex strongly recommends the following five fundamentals:

  • Be well organised and plan ahead to avoid rushing around the day before.
  • Select a theme or style and stick to it. She likes to use three colours as her base.
  • Set yourself a budget. Outsource entertainers, party food, a birthday cake etcetera depending on your needs and budget. This will free you up on the day to play the role of ‘hostess with the mostess’.
  • Most importantly have fun! Parties should be full of laughter and happy times for all to remember.

Ruby Rabbit Floral-fiesta-main-hi-res



A selection of Ruby Rabbit's on-trend partyware is now available through LENZO.  You can find Ruby Rabbit in our Trader Directory or shop directly at Ruby Rabbit's online boutique. Happy party planning!

Written by LENZO Contributor, Ashmita Chand