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October 28, 2016

Every year when the Spring Racing Carnival rolls around, it is hard to not imagine to be a part of the luxurious and carefully curated marquees, mingling with A Listers whilst watching the horses go by. We have all been there sitting, waiting and wishing for our turn to be invited, so today we give you a very sneak peek of what the fuss is all about with Schweppes' Birdcage Marquee.

This year at Flemington, Schweppes has brought their A Game with a mystical take on their elite marquee. Bringing their essence of 'Schweppervescence' trackside, racegoers can expect the unexpected and be transported into a world of fresh aroma, delectable delights and game changing cocktails.

LENZO were lucky enough to visit the marquee yesterday during the Birdcage previews, and weren't we in for a pleasant surprise! As soon as we stepped into the marque, we were greeted with golden bubbles floating across the ceiling and leading us to the bar. We were taken aback by all the little details that went into the marquee, with each element representing a particular aspect of a Schweppes mixer or the brand as a whole.

lenzo-spring-racing-preview-9 lenzo-spring-racing-preview-363

Sweet scents that reflected the ingredients within certain Schweppes’ mixers were infused into wall installations, with their aroma filling the marquee at different points of the day. Starting the morning off with fresh lemon and orange peel of Schweppes Indian Tonic Water, the scent shifts into an aroma of warm ginger root, citrus oils and a touch of chilli representing the key ingredients in Schweppes Dy Ginger Ale.

These installations are made daily, in order to ensure both the scent and florals are fresh and lively. We loved the volume and dimensions to these installations and are definitely getting inspired to create something that entices all the senses!

lenzo-spring-racing-preview-34 lenzo-spring-racing-preview-35

There was no surprise that the cocktails were out of this world, with something on offer to curb any sort of craving or desire.  We all know you can't go past the fan favourite, The Flemington Fling, while at the races, but also, we were so excited by the whole menu that we could spend the whole day sipping through their delightful selection!

What is even better is that they are all very #Instagramable, meaning that you can get the pic of the day whilst simply lounging around with friends... If we had to go back right now for one, we would be tossing up between The Hot Favourite, a chilli infused Dry Ginger Ale cocktail, or The zesty Saintly Spritz, which combines fresh citrus oils and spiced falernum with the classic Schweppes Lemonade.

lenzo-spring-racing-preview-228 lenzo-spring-racing-preview-266 lenzo-spring-racing-preview-203 lenzo-spring-racing-preview-149

Even if you can't attend the races this year or see the Schweppes marquee yourself, there are definitely some trends here to watch out for and infuse into your own events. For example, the concrete details of the tables and walls were reminiscent of the loft inspired venues and homes we see popping up more frequently, and the floral adorned cocktails are an example of an easy way to add a bit of #GLAM into your home entertaining. Another trend that LENZO was obsessed with was the idea of tailored menus, with Schweppes creating a menu with the help of the Peter Rowland Catering team. Each item of food was intricately designed using the real ingredients of Schweppes’ classic mixers, and trust us when we say the Dry Ginger Ale inspired prawn dumplings were out of this world!

The most important thing LENZO took out of the preview was to make your event personal and get inspired by simple things that represent who you and/or your brand is!!


Love LENZO x lenzo-spring-racing-preview-340lenzo-spring-racing-preview-177lenzo-spring-racing-preview-84


MARQUEE, DRINKS + CONCEPT Schweppes / MIXOLOGIST Sweet & Chilli / PHOTOGRAPHY Madeline Chiller