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June 06, 2016

Tonight on The Edit, Sipahh gets nostalgic with this gorgeous garden party styled by yours truly, LENZO.

The idea behind this bespoke editorial was to create a wholesome, fun, low-sugar party for Sipahh using their 13 yummy milk flavouring straws - which trust us, are a major hit with all children! The inspiration was a flashback to times when parties were simpler, with more nutritious food, classic decorations and old-school printed invites.

We wanted the palette to be soft + milky to showcase Sipahh 's product offerings, and dressed the kids up in appropriate shades. This #PrettyPalette further transcended into the cascading balloon table runner and into the other healthy treats on offer. For a touch of LENZO fun, we created a cute little photobooth set up using Sipahh's Milkbar, which you can order from their site here. This was a great way for everyone to play around and have fun getting their snaps taken!

The kid's of course loved sipping on their Sipahh straws, which although being the perfect sweet fix, have less than 1/2 teaspoon of sugar in them! It got to the point that the kid's couldn't be seen without a glass of milk in their hands! What else did they love? Well it seemed that they enjoyed having a more relaxed +  free flowing party setting - which definitely had us adults feeling nostalgic about the good old days!

Now, we think that healthy parties for both children and adults are becoming a huge trend, so let it be food for thought when planning your next event. And if you too want to create a low sugar party, we are here to give you a heads start with the party planning, with a free downloadable version of the Ivy Invite featured in the shoot! This will be available in the next few days on theSipahh site, so #WatchThisSpace!  And once the winter is chill has gone, we will also be sharing the Sipahh popsical DIY thanks to our friends at Peter Rowland who created these super cute treats.

Also, one last thing! When buying from the Sipahh store, make sure to put the code LENZO at checkout for a 20% discount!

Happy healthy eating lovelies!

Love LENZO xx

Sipahh Straws-12

Sipahh Straws-1

Sipahh Straws-9

Sipahh Straws-69

Sipahh Straws-30

Sipahh Straws-59

Sipahh Straws-76

Sipahh Straws-73

Sipahh Straws-26

Sipahh Straws-34

Sipahh Straws-97

Sipahh Straws-75

Sipahh Straws-95

Sipahh Straws-18

Sipahh Straws-65

Sipahh Straws-84

Sipahh Straws-58

Sipahh Straws-94

Sipahh Straws-93

Sipahh Straws-103

Sipahh Straws-83

Sipahh Straws-88

Sipahh Straws-199

Sipahh Straws-178

Sipahh Straws-202

Sipahh Straws-105

Sipahh Straws-111

Sipahh Straws-115

Sipahh Straws-120

Sipahh Straws-122

Sipahh Straws-128

Sipahh Straws-121

Sipahh Straws-123

Sipahh Straws-125

Sipahh Straws-167

Sipahh Straws-163

Sipahh Straws-168

Sipahh Straws-190

Sipahh Straws-162

Sipahh Straws-245

Sipahh Straws-146

Sipahh Straws-256

Sipahh Straws-161

Sipahh Straws-143

Sipahh Straws-151Sipahh Straws-37

Sipahh Straws-240

Sipahh Straws-139

Sipahh Straws-224

Sipahh Straws-236

Sipahh Straws-238

Sipahh Straws-130

Sipahh Straws-88

Sipahh Straws-232

Sipahh Straws-85


STYLING + CONCEPT Lenzo for Sipahh / MILK STRAWS, BAR + PAIL Sipahh /PHOTOGRAPHY Hello Darling / VENUE / CATERING Peter Rowland / TABLE + CHAIRS Mini Party People / SOFT FURNISHINGS Georgeous Store / STATIONERY Ivy Invite / PARTYWARE Ruby Rabbit / WHITE TIERED STAND + CRATE My Sweet Event / BALLOONS Belle Balloons / TASSELS Northstar Balloons FLOWERS Mary Mary /MODELS Alec, Lucas, Maya, Eliza, Amaya, Isabella + George / CLOTHING Witchery,Tutu Du Monde, Seed Heritage + Minouche / HAIR + MAKEUP Isabella Quinn