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July 22, 2016

Sipahh is an Aussie brand that produces low-sugar milk flavouring straws, which transforms plain milk into a delicious + #LOW-SUGAR drink when sipped! Not only do they offer an assortment of creative flavours, they also have fundraising products and LENZO's fave #MilkPartySupplies!!

First launched in 2005, Sipahh now has 18 delicious flavours available via the online store and at leading supermarkets, making it super easy to get your hands on these tasty treats!



Each straw contains less than 1/2 a teaspoon of sugar and has no artificial colours or preservatives. They are specially seeded with tiny tapioca balls derived from the yucca plant, and as the milk flutters up the straw, the beads dissolve and flavour fresh milk in a subtle + delicious way.

When it comes to flavours, many have been dreamt up by the Sipahh team such as Cocoa Bean, Chocolate, Luscious Strawberry, Okey-Dokey Cookies and Cream and #FlavourOfTheMoment Chilled Out Choc Mint - however they are always open to fans giving their input and creating new + exciting flavour combinations!



People can enjoy Sipahh simply at home as a perfect after-school snack, use it to fundraise for their school, club or community group, and if you're looking for a unique, healthier, low-sugar way to celebrate, you can even try throwing a Sipahh milk party!

At a Sipahh party, the host serves glasses of fresh, wholesome milk from behind the party centrepiece – the Sipahh Milk Bar – a blue-striped, old-fashioned milk bar. It also doubles as a photo booth and is perfect for capturing and sharing party moments. It’s easy to set up your own milk party. Think #Pastel theming, old-fashioned games and healthy foods!




Now, the benefits of throwing a Sipahh low sugar party are:

  • Children will go home full of nourishing milk without the sugar overload.
  • Kids can try a few different flavours and still be under the sugar limit.
  • Kids with allergies also enjoy Sipahh as the straws work well with non-dairy options such as soy, rice, almond milk or other alternatives.


Sipahh also has two low-sugar, high-profit fundraising options for schools, clubs or community groups: Fundraising Crates for drives and a Milk Bar with straws for events. The Fundraising Crate contains 24 packs of Sipahh's most popular flavours and is a great alternative to selling chocolate bar boxes.

Sipahh’s vintage-style, pop-up Milk Bar is perfect for fetes, carnivals, markets and special days. Fundraisers can stock their Milk Bar with Flavour Crates of straws. Each Flavour Crate contains six 10-packs. Sipahh also has old-fashioned milk pails to display straws in. Choose pre-selected Flavour Crates or mix and match your own selection. This can be ordered from the online store!


And how can you throw a low-sugar Sipahh party? Well, keep reading for Sipahh's five top tips to throw the ultimate party!

  • Send your invitations and let parents know it will be a low-sugar party – they’ll be delighted! Ask kids to come dressed in pastel colours to match the party theme. Shop for bunting, confetti, serviettes, paper plates and thank-you bags in pastel striped or spotty colours. Look for reuseable, recyclable, old-fashioned glass milk bottles or jars to serve Sipahh straws in.
  •  Order your Sipahh Straws online. Mix and match flavours to suit the theme of your party. Choose from 18 delicious (and sometimes surprising) flavours.
  • Don't forget to order the Milk Bar too!  It is the right height for children to serve from and even better, is reusable! Display the straws in vintage milk pails alongside canisters of fresh milk and milk alternatives.
  • Use the milk bar as a photo booth . Capture the fun and chilled-out vibe of your milk party. Take photos of guests with the host and share images as thank-you messages afterwards. Share on social media and before long, everyone in your child’s class will want to have a Sipahh milk party.
  •  Order enough straws to include one or two in thank-you bags.




As for the future of Sipahh, they will continue to introduce new and exciting products which combine delicious and appealing flavours and colours, and always with less than 1/2 a teaspoon of sugar per straw! And while the straws are already gluten-free, vegan and preservative-free, Sipahh is developing more and more options for people who have specific health requirements. Sipahh would love to see low-sugar milk parties become a trend for parents looking for wholesome, healthy party options.

And make sure to visit the Sipahh website for party supplies and tips!

Love LENZO x





STYLING + CONCEPT Lenzo for Sipahh / MILK STRAWS, BAR + PAIL Sipahh /PHOTOGRAPHY Hello Darling/ VENUE Peter Rowland / MODELS Alec, Lucas, Maya, Eliza, Amaya, Isabella + George

Written by Matilda Knights