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March 30, 2016

Tonight on The Edit, we are so excited to share with you this perfectly pretty party, put together for digital influencer and fashion go-to gal, Tash Sefton.

If you aren't up to scratch with your Australian influencers, Tash is one half of fashion duo They All Hate Us, and is known for her effortless chic style. We were lucky enough to chat with her bubbly #BFF Elle Ferguson about the birthday lunch, and all things fashion + parties.

What was the style inspiration behind this beautiful event?

"To be honest it started with me wanting to include crystals on the table, so I worked with Rachel from Rock & Co Crystals, and we found the particular crystals that were going to bring love, calm and protection to the guests at the table. Those colours were soft pink, white, soft baby blue, and a light mint green. From there, I had a colour palette to work with so I made sure everything tied in with those colours. Also, Chiswick is the perfect background for that real eclectic rustic styling."

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Tell us why it was so special to create this event for Tash – both as your BFF and business partner?

"It was her birthday and I just knew it needed to have the WOW factor! Tash is my best friend in the world - like family - so I knew it needed to be beyond. 'Business partner' wasn't a factor - this was a birthday lunch for my best friend, which I renamed my best friend's wedding ha ha!"

image9 (3)

image3 (2)

As one of Australia’s leading style bloggers, what do you see as the connection between fashion and event trends?

"I think it's all about personal style; what you love and what you feel connected to. Tash and I love denim and a raw edge so I ensured all the linen and voile I used had raw edges."

image13 (1)

Style-wise, what are you loving now?

"I'm loving anything personalised, hence why I embroidered all the napkins with Tash’s initials and a flower garland…. other that that, I love simple outfits like a white shirt and denim jeans with amazing shoes + handbag."

image12 (1)

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And Elle's top party tip?

"Breathe…. and have a budget, because you can go crazy! Also enlist a good friend that can be a sound board for you. Michelle, one of Tash’s dearest friends, did the whole thing with me and she was there every night for midnight texts with photos of what I was thinking,"

Love LENZO x

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EVENT STYLING + MANAGEMENT Elle Ferguson from They All Hate Us + friend Michelle from My General Store / VENUE Chiswick / FLORALS Seed Flora / CRYSTALS Rock & Co / CAKES Gracious Honey PLACE CARDS Pen Hearts Paper