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July 26, 2017

Okay, we would be lying if we said we weren't absolutely and utterly hooked to The Bachelor and we are super excited to see who wins our #BABE Matty J's heart.

If you too are a #BachieFanatic, we have planned the perfect way to spend your premiere finale party and make your night in, that little bit more fun. So keep reading for some #FAB tips in the form of one of Osher's mysterious Date Cards!

DATE CARD ONE: Make a quick Facebook group with your closest girlfriends (+ boyfriends) to get everyone super excited for the big night. Invite them around at 7pm (so everyone can get comfy) to see who receives the final stem!

DATE CARD TWO: Go for it with your decorations - either go minimalist cool like the Bach Pad with a neutral colour palette or a bit more #OTT like The Mansion filled with clashing bright accents. Also, don't forget a bunch of roses and an abundance of candles to finish the look.

Channel Ten


100 Layer Cake


DATE CARD THREE: Want a few extra giggles? Then fill up the tub and try #THEBACH drinking game. Put the most said words in a hat (amazing, nervous, the one, love, happily ever after, forever...the list goes on). Once the word that you have drawn from the hat is said, you must take a drink.

LENZO V Day Shoot 


DATE CARD FOUR: Use desserts to carry out the theme - ie. rosewater cookies, red-velvet ice-cream sandwiches, pink fairy cakes with rose petals, etc.

Martha Collison’s Rose Cake

Vicky's Donuts


Britin Mehlhoff


DATE CARD FIVE: For drinks, continue with the rosy + pink theme! Top your cocktails with rose petals, fairy floss + a touch of edible glitter - #YUM!

Floral Cocktails Design Love Fest


Rose Cubes Style Me Pretty


DATE CARD SIX:Dress to impress. Ditch the Thursday night trackies for a get-up to rival the final bachelorettes... we are loving!

Tony Slip Dress by Ellery


DATE CARD SEVEN: Most importantly - get into the big event! Cheer on your fave for the win and hold onto those tissues, as apparently this finale is a bit of an emotional one!

P.S Producers, don't break our heart again this year. You got this Matty J!

Love LENZO xx


IMAGES as credited via the piece / FEATURED IMAGE Channel Ten